The company LA BELLE ASSIETTE SAS (the "Company") has designed the website www.labelleassiette.fr. or www.labelleassiette.com of which it is the owner (the "Site").

The site is dedicated to personal home cooking, primarily at home, for individual or collective Users. Through the website, the Company presents a wide range of sessions with Chefs (the "Services"), which can be reserved on the internet and are payable online, for individuals or groups ("Users") for which it acts as online broker.

The Company itself does not intend to offer the services of the Chefs. These are made directly and under their sole responsibility as third-party stakeholders (the "Chef (s)") that this company presents and promotes through the Site.

Through the website, the Company, in its capacity as broker online, connects:

- Individual or group Users ("Users").

- Stakeholders external to the Company who perform services (the "Chef (s)").


Company: LA BELLE ASSIETTE SAS, is a limited liability company with variable capital of 3026 Euros, listed on the Paris Register of Trade and Companies with the unique identification number 539146290 and domiciled at 35 rue Greneta, 75002 Paris, FRANCE

User: A person having a personal space on the Site (a "Personal Account") and able to receive services.


Purpose: This contract is to govern the contractual relationship between the Company and the Users.


The Company: The Company operates as an online broker. The role of the Company is that of an intermediary that connects Users and Chefs through the Site with a view to the contracting of services.


The Company is not contractually involved in the provision of services. The agreements are made directly between the Chef and the User(s) as described in section 3.2 below.

In consequence, the Company incurs no liability in connection with the negotiations, the conclusion or the execution of services – except those relating to its responsibilities as a provider of services to the Chefs – and provides no guarantee as to the quality and smooth functioning of the Services performed by the Chefs.

The Company does not exercise control in a systematic way and assumes no liability in connection with:

the quality of the offer, its compliance with the law or the adequacy of the services offered by the Chefs;

the reliability and accuracy of all information relating to the Services or the identification of Users;

the professional qualification of Chiefs;

the creditworthiness of the Users.

Should the User(s) wish to raise a dispute regarding a service, the relevant User(s) is/are encouraged to contact the company via the contact form on the Site ("contact us") to inform us of the existence of a dispute. However, the resolution of this dispute shall be the sole responsibility of the User(s) and the Chef concerned.

The Company assumes no obligations other than those relating to its role as online broker. The Company makes no warranty as to the availability or performance of the Site, the User and/or the Chef may not seek to make the Company liable for lost profits, loss of opportunity or loss of turnover.

Limitation of liability as defined above is inapplicable in the event of fraud or gross negligence on the part of the Company, in the event of injury or if the User is a consumer and it is contrary to the rules protecting the consumers.

The User is responsible for incidental or consequential damages, material or immaterial, caused to the Company and/or any partner and/or any Chef.

To the extent that is reasonable, the User agrees to indemnify the Company, its partners and the Chefs against all losses, expenses, damages and costs that may result from non-compliance with the provisions of these terms and conditions. The provisions of this paragraph are intended to protect the Company and its directors, officers, employees, agents, shareholders, licensors and suppliers. Each of these individuals or entities may enforce those provisions directly against the User in his/her/its own name.


1. Each Chef has an associated price list which shows proposed prices by activity in Euros and including VAT.

2. The User can benefit from price reductions through the use of discount codes

3. The actual VAT-inclusive price of the services will follow the rate schedule indicated on each service page.

4. When credits or discount codes are used, the date of validity of the credits is 1 year from the date of purchase. Upon expiration of the credits, the sums involved are due to the Company and the credit balance available in the account of the User will be reset.

5. The VAT-inclusive price as described above includes the commission due to the Company, according to a calculation determined in consultation with the Chef.

6. In the case of subscription, the price will be shown on the site. Subscribing to a monthly subscription allows the User to benefit from additional discounts and services as presented on the Site (such as access to a hotline for making appointments by telephone).

7. The duration of any subscription is for a period of one year from the date of purchase and is automatically renewable. Each User has the ability to stop the subscription at any time.


The registration of a User through the creation of a Personal Account is a prerequisite for reservation and the payment of a service (see Terms and Conditions of the Site).

When a User wishes to receive a service from a Chef, the User must first familiarize him-/herself with the conditions and details of the services offered by the Chef in the Listing, before making a booking (e.g. geographic areas served by the Chef, the maximum number of people who can be accommodated by the Chef etc.) An agreement is formed between the User and the Chef at the point when the User has made online payment for the chosen service. The User acknowledges that payment of the benefit does not constitute acceptance of a firm offer and that the conclusion of the Service is subject to confirmation by the Chef, even if the latter is obliged to accept the reservation except in cases of force majeure or in cases in which the Chef alleges the existence of a risk to his/her safety following the first telephone contact. If the Chef is unable to honour the reservation (e.g. in case of serious event), the Company and the Chef will make their best efforts to propose an alternative service or an alternative Chef to the User as soon as possible.

The payment of the benefit is made by credit card, secure payment is available to Users on the Site.

The deposit of the price of the Service is performed on a dedicated account opened in the name of the Company through a bank of their choice. Once the price of the benefit is recorded in the dedicated account, the Company has the sole authority to order the bank to make its payment to the Chef, net of commission due to the Company for the use of its services.

Under no circumstances may a service be undertaken without payment of the price of the Service.

5.6. The User has a period of fourteen (14) calendar days to exercise his/her right of withdrawal without giving reason or paying any penalties. This period of fourteen (14) days shall run from the date of confirmation of online payment. The User may exercise his/her right of withdrawal by registered letter addressed to the Customer Service of the Company. Due to their nature, certain goods are excluded from withdrawal, as perishable goods, sealed goods which, for reasons of health or hygiene, are not suitable for return and any product that has been made to the consumer's specifications. Pursuant to Article L. 121-20-2 of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal can not be exercised where the User has already received the service. In case of cancellation of the Service for a valid reason at the request of the User (for example, in accordance with the right of withdrawal for up to 14 days from the date of booking online or in the case of force majeure) and/or the Chef (e.g. in case of force majeure or in cases where the Chef alleges the existence of a risk to his/her safety following the first telephone contact), the amounts originally due for the Service will be returned to the User, and the Chef will in no way claim the payment of those sums, to the extent that s/he alone bears the risks associated with the Service. For the sake of clarification, if cancelled by the Chef due to a risk as to his/her safety following the Chef's travel to the User's location, the amounts due for the service will not be returned to the User. In all other cases, 100% of the amount due in respect of the Service will be returned to the User if the User cancels the service up to a week before the date of the service, up 50% if the User cancels the service less than one week but up to 48 hours before the expected date of delivery and up to 0% if the User cancels the Service less than 48 hours before the scheduled date of delivery of the Service.

Any service by which the User is identified through his/her Confidential codes will be considered by the Website and the User in question will be engaged.

Subsequent to the execution of the Service and from the information made available through the Site, the Chef is committed to delivering an electronic invoice to any User requesting a summary of the Service, specifying in particular:

-The full name, address, and if necessary the social capital, the SIREN number and the registration number in the Register of Trade and Companies or in the Chef's register of trades if subject to VAT,

-the individual VAT identification number.

-the date of service,

-the name, postal address and e-mail address of the Chef

-the name of the User,

-a detailed bill,

-the total amount to be paid including all taxes.

Any Service undertake through the Website will confirm unreservedly to these terms and conditions.

Any service undertaken through the Website is subject to these terms and conditions which prevail over all others. Their purpose is to inform any potential buyer on the nature of his/her commitments. The act of clicking an icon to confirm the order is irrevocable and implies final acceptance of each of these terms and conditions. The Company reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. In this case, the conditions will be those in effect on the date of the Service by the User.


-Any Provision of these terms and conditions that may be declared null or illegal by a competent judge will be without effect, but their invalidity shall not affect other provisions or affect the validity of these terms and conditions of sale as a whole or their legal effects.

-The User(s) will not be held responsible, or considered to have breached the provisions of the terms and conditions due to any delay or failure when the cause of the delay or failure was due to a force majeure as defined by the jurisprudence of the Court of Cassation. In case of force majeure, the obligations of the Company and the User are suspended for the duration.

-The user acts on the site in a completely independent manner and his/her registration with the Company's does not imply any form of subordinate relationship, agency, or company created in fact or in participation or representation.

-Any Notification provided for in these terms and conditions shall be made by the User to the Company by mail at the following address: LA BELLE ASSIETTE SAS,35 rue Greneta, 75002 Paris, FRANCE or via the contact form on the Site ("contact us")..

-The Company reserves the right to transfer to any company of its choice all or part of the rights and obligations arising between the User and the Company, without requiring the prior agreement of each User.

-The User agrees to comply with these terms and conditions. In case of violation of these conditions, the Company reserves the right to suspend or cancel the registration of the User, or take other appropriate measures against him/her, with immediate effect and without notice. Suspension and/or cancellation of any User of the Site will result in the retention of amounts owed by the User to the Company in respect of reserved services, and if necessary payment by the Company to the User of any amount corresponding to unused credits, if they have not expired.

-Any User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Company against the consequences of any claims by a third party consecutive to the breach by the User of these terms of conditions of sale, a statute or regulation, or an intellectual property right. The User agrees to provide his/her full cooperation in the processing of the claim of another User against it or the possible negotiation of a compromise.


The general conditions of sale are subject to French law. Any dispute between a User which can not be resolved amicably by the Company will be brought before the High Court of Paris, except in cases where a conventional attribution of jurisdiction would not be binding on the User as a consumer.