July 27, 2018

Validation Dinner: Vito Vitale

Congratulations to chef Vito Vitale on his successful validation by the La Belle Assiette Jury!

Congratulations to chef Vito Vitale on his successful validation dinner. His validation took place on the 30th of June in London. The role of the jury members was to try the private chef dining experience and evaluate the menu prepared by the chef.

The Chef

Born and raised in the port town of Bari in Southern Italy, Chef Vito grew up with a passion for natural, fresh food, from the land and the sea. He was taught by his Mother and Grandmother from a young age. He specialises in Mediterranean dishes and hand crafted pasta. His passion is cooking healthy, nourishing dishes. After studying the technical and composite elements of food in Italy, Chef Vito went on to further his love of food by working in high end, including Michelin starred establishments throughout Italy and the rest of Europe. He went on to master the culinary styles of countries such as Spain, Germany, Belgium, Amsterdam and London. The love of food that he was brought up with translates into the dishes he prepares, and they are an extension of his passion for cooking and creating exciting menus.

The Menu

Cheese selection with fig jam

Chicken Parfait

Beef Wellington

Fried gnocchi with tomato coulis and basil

Chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream

“Vito and Rachel were great at following up with me on menu choices before the dinner, and when they arrived they were friendly and professional. The dinner was efficiently prepared and they kept the kitchen tidy looking. I was particularly impressed by the presentation of the starter, and we could instantly see that Vito was an experienced and talented chef. The entire meal was delicious and we had a great evening. Vito got the timing just right, and it was great that he told all the guests what each dish was when serving. He also catered for a vegetarian and made an alternative for one guest. In addition, Vito and Rachel left the kitchen spotless. Thank you!”

Vito created an exceptional meal for his Validation Dinner. Each dish was perfectly cooked and his range of culinary experience shone through. He was an absolute pleasure to host.

We are happy to announce the validation of chef Vito and know you would be in the best hands for your next dinner party! To view Vito’s profile and menus head to:

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