October 8, 2019

Validation Dinner: Marco Macchi

Congratulations to Marco Macchi on his successful validation dinner. His validation took place on the 4th of October in London. The role of the jury members was to try the private chef dining experience and evaluate the menu prepared by the chef.

The Chef

From an early age, Marco has been passionate about Italian food. His style incorporates ‘the simplicity and freshness of Puglia and the indulgent comfort of the North’. Marco lovingly remembers joining his grandparents in the butcher, riding over olive fields and making homemade pasta in northern Italy. Although the foundations of his passion were Italian, he settled in London, enthusiastic to learn new techniques. Honing his talent, he worked in private members club Soho House and more recently, Michelin star French restaurant Le Vacherin. Marco believes that every dish has the power to take you somewhere else. Food can spark nostalgia, a sense of surprise or create happiness and excitement. This is the driving force behind Marco’s cooking, along with the freedom and creativity he is able to express as a private chef.

The Menu

Amuse Bouche

Savoury Sicilian cannoli with Parma ham mousse and capers


Caramelised figs, goats cheese, basil, seeded cracker and balsamic

Main Course

Linguine with Palourde clams, white wine sauce and parsley oil


Chocolate fondant with blackberry ice cream




‘Perfect uniform and a discrete presence during the dinner. He was relaxed and comfortable in his role which made for a great evening!’

‘The experience was absolutely fabulous and I hope to do it again :)’

Marco’s exciting menu made for an exceptional evening. His expertise and professionalism resulted in an unforgettable and delicious dinner.

As a result, we are happy to announce the validation of Chef Marco Macchi and know you would be in the best hands for your next dinner party! To view his menus, check out his profile: Marco Macchi

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