December 11, 2018

Validation Dinner: Hannah Milsom & Sophie Davies

Congratulations to chefs Hannah and Sophie on their successful validation by the La Belle Assiette Jury!

Congratulations to chefs Hannah and Sophie on their successful validation dinner. Their validation took place on the 8th of December in Brighton. The role of the jury members was to try the private chef dining experience and evaluate the menu prepared by the chef.

The Chefs

Hannah and Sophie have diverse and extensive experience working in the catering industry. Together, they are dedicated to offering high-quality, bespoke dining experiences. 

Throughout the past decade Hannah has worked for many high-profile institutions. This includes the Royal Household, the Olympia Exhibition Centre and the four rosetted Buxted Park Hotel. She has managed large teams, ordered to strict and specific budgets, and been at the forefront of menu design and creation. Heart originally stolen by classical French cuisine, she has now developed a versatile style. Her passion for the industry leads her to persistently seek out new knowledge and skills.

Sophie began her career in food catering for bespoke weddings and private dinner parties. She then started to manage catering crews at large festivals, before embarking on European tours with The Cirque de Soleil’s catering company. Sophie is dedicated to providing unique dining experiences for clients, which consequently led her into private chalet positions in the French Alps. Working for a former vineyard owner allowed her to further pursue her passion for food and wine pairing.

The Menu

Oxtail Tortellini in a Cep Broth with Truffled Spinach, Mi Cuit Heritage Tomatoes, and a Horseradish Cream

Guinea Fowl Three Ways: Pan Roasted Breast, Confit Leg Bon Bon and Stuffed Potato Cannelloni served with a Rich Caponata, and Madeira Jus

Italian Lemon Trio

“The food was absolutely phenomenal. It felt amazing to host a party with the in-laws, while not having to spend the whole time in the kitchen. It was even nicer having them wash up afterwards! From starter to dessert, it was all great and very luxurious, making us feel very privileged. The sizes were also very generous, meaning we certainly were all full by the end, and I’m a big eater!

I had to google some of the ingredients, it certainly was creative, not something you would expect at your conventional restaurant visit. It all tasted so fresh and perfectly made on the day, the prep must have been very detailed and well thought-out.”

The jury was very impressed by Hannah and Sophie’s carefully designed menu. Their food displayed a wide variety of culinary skills and creativity.

As a result, we are happy to announce the validation of chefs Hannah and Sophie, and know you would be in the best hands for your next dinner party! To view their menus, check out their profile: Hannah and Sophie

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