August 8, 2018

Validation Dinner: Gautham Ella

Congratulations to chef Gautham Ella on his successful validation by the La Belle Assiette Jury!

Congratulations to chef Gautham Ella on his successful validation dinner. The validation dinner took place on the 18th of June in London. The role of the jury members was to try the private chef dining experience and evaluate the menu prepared by the chef.

The Chef

Chef Gautham has 16 years of experience in the kitchen with knowledge of Indian, European and Far Eastern cuisines. He is flexible and open to create bespoke menus to any taste, preference, and occasion!

The Menu

Bhel puri served in banana blossom

Earth and Sea (Slow cooked bunched carrots with fennel and heritage beetroot, hazelnut oil, sherry vinegar, sunflower seeds and seaweed)

Avocado with barberries, hemp oil, tomato chutney and fleur de sel

Sorghum flat bread with sambhar and jack fruit poriyal

Emerti with sliver leaf and coconut and mango DF yogurt

Compressed Kentish strawberries with Rego Emilia balsamic glaze

“We had a lovely meal prepared and served by Gautham who was polite and friendly. Despite some delays with arriving he promptly started organising our meal within moment of arriving. The first dish was served without too much delay. We were pleasantly surprised! The food was creative and interesting, with varying levels of spice which I loved – big fan of spicier dishes.

He was more than happy to answer our endless questions about different ingredients and dishes. I was hugely impressed he managed to create such a complicated feast of dishes that complimented each other so well, that were all entirely vegan! I was also very impressed with how he managed to serve the dishes nicely in the less than ideal crockery situation (there was a lot less than I thought as we were using a friends flat who recently moved in).

My favourite dish he made was the: ‘Bhelpuri served in banana blossom – Indian street snack with puffed rice, chickpea spaghetti, tamarind, pomegranate and raw mango with onions, tomatoes and coriander’. It was fresh and flavorsome, and and served beautifully too. 
My least favourite dish he made was the: ‘Lemon granita with saffron, Noilly Prat and Ver jus’ because I am not such a fan of lemon or saffron. However, it wasn’t “bad” just my least favourite of the evening.

Overall it was a fantastic evening with my friends, and everyone enjoyed themselves so much. This was hugely down to the delicious food. What’s more, it was great that there a little left over so I was able to have it for lunch the next day! It’s a really great idea having the chefs come to peoples houses, and something I would love to do again in the future for a special occasion.”

Gautham created an exceptional meal for his Validation Dinner. Each dish was creative and beautiful, reflecting Gautham’s wealth of experience. He was an absolute pleasure to host.

We are happy to announce the validation of chef Gautham and know you would be in the best hands for your next dinner party! To view Gautham’s menus, visit his profile:

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