March 3, 2017

Validation Announcement: Clemmie Hadden-Paton

Congratulations to chef Clemmie Hadden-Paton on her successful validation by the La Belle Assiette Jury

Clemmie Hadden-Paton

Congratulations to chef Clemmie Hadden-Paton on her successful validation. Her validation took place on the 24th of February in London. The role of the jury members was to experience the private chef dining experience and evaluate the menu prepared by the chef.

Clemmie Hadden-PatonA Freelance Private Chef of two years, who has had experience working in restaurants from the age of 15, and now on a new adventure in the Private world. Clemmie has travelled much of Asia to expand her knowledge and love for Asian food, Vietnamese in particular, and likes to introduce the flavours in to all aspects of her cooking. Originally trained at 17/18 years old with Leiths receiving her Basic Food and Wine Certificate, she then did a 3 month course at Ballymaloe Cookery School, Co. Cork, Ireland at 23. Clemmie’s passion for cooking started from a young age, being brought up in a large country home which hosted various events and childcare: she regularly sat in the kitchen with all the chefs and tasted everything they cooked. As she has grown older, various issues raised in her life and cooking became her form of therapy and coping mechanism. She has a blog where she helps and inspires other Mental Health sufferers to use cooking as a coping mechanism, as well as giving talks to students to raise awareness. Clemmie is very easy going and respects clients’ wants and needs. She will work in the background without them even knowing she is there apart from food being brought to the table. Though she is passionate about Asian food, she has been trained in Traditional British, French and Italian cooking and enjoys these all just as much more. Clemmie isn’t about small portions being made pretty: she likes her clients to feel full and satisfied with delicious looking and tasting food. Clemmie is also a teacher at a cookery school.themenu


Chilli and Garlic Prawn Crostini
Clemmie Hadden-Paton

Seared Scallops with Chorizo, Wasabi and Caviar Dressing

Clemmie Hadden-Paton

Main Course

Venison Wellington with Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes and Seasonal Vegetables
Clemmie Hadden-Paton

Clemmie Hadden-Paton



Chef Clemmie served up a delicious and filling dinner for her guests. She was friendly, discrete and happily introduced each of her dishes with either some background information or a little story. Clemmie is all about leaving her customers full and satisfied; her generous portions of delicious looking and tasting foods are sure to impress. Whether it’s Asian, Traditional British, French or Italian cuisine you are looking for, Clemmie is able to help you to find your perfect menu.

We are happy to announce the validation of chef Clemmie and would recommend her for your next dinner party!

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