December 8, 2016

Validation Announcement – Chefs Aaron and Remi

Congratulations to chefs Aaron Webster and Remi Williams on their successful validation by the La Belle Assiette Jury

dscf9021_fotorCongratulations to chefs Aaron and Remi on their successful validation. Their validation took place on the 4th of November in London. The Jury members consisted of food blogger LifesLoves and her friends. Their role was to experience a private chef dining experience and evaluate the menu prepared by the chef.thechefAaron RemiAaron & Remi are two chefs with different backgrounds. Aaron Webster (Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, Penny Hill Park) met Remi Williams (Deuxave Restaurant, Craigie on Main; both Boston, USA) while they were working at the Shed Restaurant in Notting Hill. Their experiences in fine dining have allowed them both chances to train with some award-winning chefs and with a combined ten years of restaurant experience they both feel they are ready to step up and plate some beautiful food of their own. The idea is creating food that not only tastes delicious – making guests happy – but also learning and devising different techniques along the way. Their main food influences come from all over the world, through the most simple and classic techniques of preservation, in the form of smoking and curing. They have experience with these methods and look forward to advocating them as some of the best and most simple ways available to enhance even the most humble of ingredients.themenu


Hake | Pak Choy | Sunchoke | Sea HerbsAaron Remi

Main Course

Sand Carrot | Chilli & Walnut Pesto | Honey | Carrot LabnehAaron Remi

Main Course

Rabbit & Rye | Smoked Pasta | Orange | Lovage GremolataAaron Remi


Pumpkin Pie | Cranberry | Yoghurt | Spiced Cake

Aaron Remithereviews“Great evening. The menu was delicious and the chefs were great and gave us brilliant service. We have a small kitchen and dining space but they made it work perfectly. I would recommend them!” David.

“The chef created a truly memorable evening that was a treat for the taste buds. Exceptional on all accounts.” Lucy.thevalidation

It’s evident that both Aaron and Remi are serious chefs. Their menu was an impressive array of complex dishes which utilised a variety of techniques, such as smoking and pickling, to create innovative flavour combinations out of ‘simple’ ingredients.

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