March 13, 2017

Validation Announcement: Adil Achahbar

Congratulations to chef Adil Achahbar on his successful validation by the La Belle Assiette Jury

Adil Achahbar

Congratulations to chef Adil Achahbar on his successful validation. His validation took place on the 7th of March in London. The role of the jury members was to experience the private chef dining experience and evaluate the menu prepared by the chef.

Adil AchahbarAdil’s approach to cuisine is the culmination of a lifelong fusion of Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine. This coming together of two giants of cuisine is a unique culinary experience that Adil would love to give to you whilst you do not raise a finger!themenu

Amuse Bouche

Foie Gras BonBon with Coke Gele and Peta Zeta
Adil Achahbar

Moroccan Hummus with Home Made Harissa Yogurt Flat Bread

Adil Achahbar

Main Course

Duck Breast with Crunchy Potato and Secret Wine Sauce
Adil Achahbar

 Adil AchahbarVegetarian Option
Adil Achahbar



Chef Adil prepared a delicious Moroccan inspired dinner for his guests, paying close attention to detail. The professional presentation of the crunchy potato flower particularly impressed! He was charming and discrete and happy to provide background information on any of his dishes.

We are happy to announce the validation of chef Adil and would recommend him for your next dinner party! To view Adil’s profile and menus head to

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