October 1, 2016

Validated chefs – September Edition

Here are our most recently validated chefs

At La Belle Assiette it’s been full steam ahead as per usual. We have several new, impressive chefs that have joined our community of talented and creative chefs. Congratulations again to all the chefs for their hard work and excellent service. Here’s a summary of what happened at their validation dinners. 

Halima Ferriera

Halima wowed her guests with a mouth-watering Middle Eastern menu inspired by her time spent working in Bahrain. The menu took her guests on a captivating journey through a number of Middle Eastern specialities, with highlights including koftas with a sweet and sour cherry sauce, pine nuts and pomegranate seeds, as well as fattoush with crumbled feta and roast butternut squash with tahini and za’atar. 

Adam Brodrick

Adam really impressed all the guests at his validation dinner. He had some tricky dietary requirements to cater for but was not phased and produced beautiful dishes for all of the guests. Not only does Adam know his way around flavour combinations and cooking techniques but, he is also a charming and friendly person who made all the guests feel spoilt.

Michele Mirabile

Michele produced a fantastic meal for his validation dinner, impressing his guests with his well thought-out menu. The flavours of his baked cod main course were perfectly balanced and his Gluten free brownie was a real crowd pleaser and a great way to end the meal. Furthermore, Michele’s enthusiasm for high-quality food meant he was able to provide a charming yet informative approach to the evening and ensured that the night ran smoothly for all involved.

Homa Badr

Homa produced an exciting menu, beginning with a fresh and zingy tuna tataki with citrus dressing followed by a roasted lamb filet with perfectly balanced wasabi mash and grilled asparagus and finally a sumptuous panna cotta with mixed berries. Homa’s warm and friendly persona quickly put her guests at ease allowing them to relax and enjoy their evening.

Lein Vo

Chef Lien and her team worked wonders on the teppanyaki grill in order to wow their guests, producing an array of delicious dishes utilising top quality, fresh produce. Their charming and professional approach helped to ensure that the evening ran smoothly and the guests were thoroughly impressed.

Myles Matthews

Myles produced a stunning menu which managed to combine classic flavours with beautiful presentation. His guests were blown away with his elegant starter of ham hock terrine, pickled carrots, carrot puree, micro herbs and brioche croutons, whilst his slow cooked lamb rump was a true show-casing of classic flavours and techniques being executed to perfection. Finally, his delicate, homemade macaroons provided a perfect end to the meal and ensured that his guests were left captivated by his culinary skills. 

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