December 22, 2016

Validated Chef – Sarah Saunders

Congratulations to chef Sarah Saunders on her successful validation by the La Belle Assiette Jury

dscf1741Congratulations to chef Sarah Saunders on her successful validation. Her validation took place on the 13th of December in Tunbridge Wells. The Jury members consisted of valued La Belle Assiette customers. Their role was to experience a private chef dining experience and evaluate the menu prepared by the chef.thechefSarah SaundersSarah believes that exploring a place through food is the way to the heart of the place, having done so in Cuba, Italy, France, Spain, and Croatia. Sarah has been a long time member of her local food groups and has been a Slow Food chef since 2006 and has worked with Slow Food chefs in Cuba and Italy.themenu


Herb crepe with smoked salmon and herb fresh cheese on a bed of baby salad leaves with horseradish and lemon dressingSarah Saunders

Main Course

Pheasant breast with wild mushroom and whisky sauceSarah Saunders


Apple frangipane tartlet with creme anglaise  Sarah Saunders

“From the moment Sarah arrived we knew we were in for a wonderful experience. The evening was a delight from start to finish. All our guests had a great time. So much laughter! Sarah’s passion for quality seasonal food was evident as her talent as a chef. Great communicator, great chef, fabulous presentation, wonderful combinations of textures and flavours. Terrific evening was had by all. We highly recommend Chef Sarah.” Sally.

“The meal was well thought out and cooked with care. Her cooking is not pretentious. What you get is an absolutely delicious meal provided by someone who clearly knows her food and cooks it with great assurance.” Mike.

Sarah Saunders is an experienced cook and it showed at her validation dinner where she produced a delicious meal utilising fresh, local ingredients. She even freshly picked the vegetables from her own allotment! In addition, Sarah is a great communicator and was happy to share her food knowledge as well as answering any of the questions her guests had. As such, we are happy to announce her validation and strongly recommend you view her menus on her profile at:

If you’d like to take part in a validation dinner then get in touch with us at with your name and location!dscf2005

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