January 17, 2020

Train Your Truffle Taste Buds

Like it or love it ? Truffle Season is in full force! Relatively new on the scene, truffle has become the most sought after ingredient in the culinary world. Part of the mushroom family, truffle exsudes a unique flavour transforming a mediocre meal into a fine dining delight. The rarity of truffle makes it luxurious but rather expensive and it is not the easiest ingredient to get your hands on.  But how can we tell the difference between the good, the bad and the ugly?

Truffle Training

Sniffed out by dogs during rainy season- which contrary to popular belief, does not last 365 days- Black Truffle is sadly not available in Europe all year round. So, if you are eating black truffle pasta in June, it is likely to be imported or of low quality. Steer clear!

The strongest flavour comes in January. Beat those January blues and make the most of Truffle Season hitting its peak.

Truffle addicts, no need to worry. You are not expected to make it through the rest of the year, without a substitute. You can fill the void with the Black Summer Truffle. A little less intense in flavour but does not dare to artificially recreate the one-of-a-kind truffle essence.

Truffle oils can also be bought in supermarkets. These are a red flag. The oils are reasonably priced as they imitate the flavour rather than infusing the real thing. As a general rule… supermarket truffles are not the go-to. The price tag may be attractive but these products compromise on quality. A farmers market or local food market may have locally crafted produce that meets the truffle taste standards.

Fortunately, the strength of its aroma redeems this luxury ingredient because only a few grates are required for the full flavour! When cooking with truffle do not be too generous or it will overpower other components of the dish and potentially put you off forever. If you don’t feel confident cooking with this culinary wonder, leave it to the professionals. Tantalize your taste buds and book a Private Chef, sure to impress with some truffle treats.

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