August 4, 2016

Top 3 snacks to get through a busy day at the office

Top 3 snacks to get through a busy day at the office.

We spend a third of our lives in the office. A space of erratic tempers, mounting paperwork and pressing deadlines. It is no surprise therefore then that ravenous cravings for sugary, caffeinated treats in the workplace are rife. Although a Kit-Kat and a plastic thimbleful of the strongest shot of espresso your coffee machine can muster may sound like a suitable remedy for the fast-approaching submission limit when your boss stands menacingly over you tapping his or her watch expectantly, we have 3 healthy habits to get into when at the office. Stay clean, healthy, energised and ready to tackle whatever comes your way, be it firefighting the latest crisis or staying on top of the never-ending surge of incoming e-mails.

Ditch your joe and match with a matcha tea with coconut water

If the queue to the coffee machine resembles a scene from Night of the Living Dead come 09:00 AM, we know you’re likely to scoff at any suggestion of ditching your morning caffeinated vice. Most of us would be lost without our morning fix of coffee and many won’t even open their laptops before they’ve taken their first couple of sips of their Columbian blend. Well, it’s time to change habits! Matcha tea, an asian export that was rare until recently in the UK, is a finely ground green tea powder packed full of free-radical fighting antioxidants. Warm some coconut water in the microwave, stir in the matcha and sip away. Although it may not look too appealing, it’s delicious and the antioxidants, caffeine and theanine of the matcha and electrolyte in the coconut water will leave you feeling healthy, alert, calm and hydrated.

It’s never too late to give up chocolate snacks and go nuts for some nuts

Chocolate snacks seem to be the go-to treat when the mid-afternoon lull kicks in and post-lunch sugar levels start to drop. Although we’re the first to admit that not all chocolate is so bad, we don’t think your daily ration of Kit-Kat is doing you all too well. Why not substitute the red foil wrappers that wait patiently in your desk drawer for a variety of different seeds and nuts. From milky and sweet almonds and rolled oats to seasoned cashews, whether your craving is for sweet or savoury, your drawer will be your saviour. Grab a bowl and mix it up and why not add some greek yoghurt? And even if you’re not so ready to go cold turkey on the chocolate, why not add some pure, dark cacao chips for a bittersweet twang.

Office snacks: nuts

Keep cool and healthy in hot, stuffy offices this summer with frozen fruit

We know it’s not always easy to get your five-a-day, especially when your career is calling and when the summer rolls in and the office starts to bake, it can be easy to turn to iced lollies to keep cool. Putting fruit in the freezer for a chilled treat when the midday sun begins to take its toll is an easy way to tally up your fruit intake all the while keeping cool. Frozen bananas and raspberries are our particular favourite fruity snacks!

Office snacks: berries

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