August 4, 2014

[The Private Chef Guide] The first call to the client

This call is the first contact between the Chef and the client. It is important to carry out everything methodically to reassure the customer and organize the delivery in the best possible way.

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Welcome to the second post of the Private Chef Guide. To complement the previous post, we will this time focus on the first contact between the Chef and the client after the validation of a reservation.

Dear Chefs, as we pointed out in the first post of the Private Chef Guide, upon confirmation of a reservation, you must engage yourself to carry out five tasks. Among them, committing yourself to the validation of menu and the details of the service with the client. This step is very important for an optimal organization.

This validation is done on the first call to the customer, preferably within 2 days after reservation. Even if the delivery will only take place in several months, it is important to get in touch with the client immediately to notify them of the good receipt of their request.

In the case of a last minute reservation (booking made 24hrs to 48hrs before the delivery), it is recommended to call the customer within 6 hours. If you are unavailable during that time or are unable to contact the customer immediately, inform the team of La Belle Assiette by SMS or email. If the customer has left a mobile number, leaving a SMS and calling a few hours later is also a viable solution.

This first call is essential. Indeed, it will first contact the customer has with you, and the first impression you make will matter. It is therefore necessary to show great professionalism to reassure them, especially since for some of them, it will be their first time hiring a private Chef.

In addition to the organizational questions you may have ask the client regarding the event, you must be available for their questions and be clear in your explanations in order to avoid any misunderstanding. With this first contact, you should also try to identify the level of formality expected by the client. Business lunch, romantic dinner or family party … The behaviour of the private Chef must adapt to all situations!

For your convenience, the team of La Belle Assiette came up with a set of guidelines that you can use as inspiration to ensure that your first call to the client is a success.
To sum it up, the main objectives are to reassure the client, answer their questions, and identify any potential supplement to the service.

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– Introduce yourself to the customer as a La Belle Assiette Chef.

– Confirm your presence, verifying the date and location of the delivery to avoid any misunderstanding. Briefly explain the conduct thereof.

– Present the purpose of this first call and inform them that there will be second call a few days before delivery.

– Confirm the number of guests, including the number of adult menus and children menus.

– Confirm each menu item by listing the elements thereof. Learn about food allergies. Propose changes if necessary.

– Learn about the management, dishes, drinks and/or ice. In theory, La Belle Assiette will handle this with the client and explain what is included or not in the service booked. But it is preferable to confirm with the latter in regards to the management of these items. In case of trouble, refer the client to La Belle Assiette.

This should normally take up most of the first call. Typically, clients will also have a few questions for you. Take the time to answer them in detail.

Keep that in mind that if a supplement is decided, it will be up to you offer a range of prices to the customer, and contact as soon as possible La Belle Assiette to complete the transaction.

During the call, do not hesitate to add some notes on La Belle Assiette in the page of the reservation. That should help you remember the specifics of the reservation before your second call.

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For organizational issues such as the arrival time or the equipment present on-site, it will be necessary to make a second call a few days before delivery.
Our next post will offer more guidance regarding this second call.

See you soon!

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