July 17, 2015

Take the stress out of summer holiday dining

With La Belle Assiette chefs located all over Europe, your summer holiday meals are sorted.

La Belle AssietteYour summer holiday is booked and your bags are packed. In your head you’ve already left your desk far behind and you’re 100% ready for a relaxing break, away from the daily grind. However, if you’re staying in self-catered accommodation, it can often feel as though you’ve swapped one type of work for another, with the family wanting special meals to be whipped up from nowhere, and you trawling foreign supermarkets for the right ingredients.

If you truly want to get some rest and relaxation this holiday, why don’t you consider ditching the cooking and hiring a La Belle Assiette chef instead? With our chefs located in six European countries, there’s every chance that your holiday destination is covered. Search the chefs in your holiday destination:

Miguel Mesquita

If you’re not heading abroad this summer, a ‘stay-cation’ can be just as relaxing as a vacation. Have a few friends around for dinner in the garden on a warm evening and the summer vibes will flow. Michelin-trained chef Joe Ouseley offers light Mediterranean food in his menu called “London Summer Eats”, perfect for summer evenings outdoors. Or try Oriol Rudol’s “Spanish Tapas Menu” – sure to carry you to Spain with every mouthful!

Find your perfect holiday menu by searching for your destination and dates on La Belle Assiette.

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