November 14, 2019

Take a Trip into 2020

Sharing memories of a great year or waving goodbye to something or someone you are ready to leave behind, making unrealistic New Year’s resolutions, anticipation, culmination of the christmas break before returning to your desk… Whatever the case, bring in New Year in style. Why not take a trip into the New Year incorporating some interesting international traditions into your evening?


Is that even a question? Out with the old stressful dinner parties and in with the hassle free, luxury and relaxing evening. Start 2020 the right way! Why not host a little party, but make it memorable so you don’t have to host again for a while! It is not too late to book a private Chef and enjoy a special New Year’s Eve Menu. Don’t forget the Spanish tradition of eating a grape at each chime of the clock at Midnight. One for each month, bringing you good luck throughout 2020.


New Years Eve is always considered a celebration that is full of drinks. Champagne is the obvious choice for your classy dinner party. Cocktails are always fun, you could even set up your own cocktail making station and allow your guests to become bartenders for the night! Impress your guests with the English tradition of drinking Wassail, a cider based punch or the Scottish spin of the ‘hot pint’.


Set your table in style with some decorations. It is not Christmas, the pressure is off, but who doesn’t love some special touches on the table. Whether it is flowers, candles, confetti or innovative name cards, it won’t go unnoticed. Go for a chic style or theme your event like the Oscars and go for gold. To complete your homely decorations, hang an onion on the door, the Greeks consider this a symbol of rebirth. Alternatively, rename your Christmas Tree a New Year’s Tree like the Russians.

Party poppers

As annoying as they might be, with the mess that they bring, they are an essential for New Years Eve. The countdown would not be complete without someone popping theirs too early and the outburst of celebration when the clock strikes 12! Instead of party poppers, ‘leap’ into the new year, like the Danish, and jump off you chairs together at midnight in the hope of luck!


Nothing beats  a bit of karaoke or some Dinner Party Games to end the year. Of course with a few drinks involved it is bound to be memorable… or not!  There is no shame in entertaining your guests by watching the countdown on TV, you will certainly get a better view of the fireworks from your sofa. But, the most entertaining tradition comes from Brazil. They believe it is lucky to wear special underwear on New Year’s Eve, red to symbolise love or yellow for money.

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