June 15, 2017

Social media and food – how digital technology is transforming the food industry

Mealtimes have long been social occasions, and now in 2017, it seems they are social media occasions too.

social media food

Mealtimes have long been social occasions, and now in 2017, it seems they are social media occasions too.  

The advancement of mobile technology means we are rarely without an opportunity to snap and share our food online, and there are a number of ways in which our increasingly digital lifestyle is impacting the food industry…

social media food

Social media and food

A well-presented meal is no longer just for those at the table to enjoy! You can “eat and tweet” your food, or post it into popular photo sharing sites like Snapchat or Instagram. This rise in social media awareness has helped launch the careers of millions of food bloggers and has created millions more “foodies” in the process. Marketers have been quick to pick up on the trend, launching campaigns that increase user engagement and brand awareness.

Social consciousness

Speaking of campaigns, it’s not just marketers who are leveraging the power of social media. Virgin Australia once launched a CSR initiative that saw the company donate one meal to someone in need for every meal shared on social media alongside the hashtag #mealformeal.

Menu inspiration

For many people, it’s easy to fall into the trap of making the same thing time and time again. To avoid the monotony, we now need only log onto sites such as Pinterest to browse millions of menu ideas for some inspiration.

Dieting and health

If you want to bulk up, slim down or maintain a healthy lifestyle, keeping track of what you eat is key. There are a now a number of apps that can provide anything from a calorie tracker to macro-breakdown analysis to help those on a quest for health stay on track.

Find restaurants and catering  

Another way in which digital platforms has made it easier for people to enjoy food is through finding nearby restaurants, takeaways and private chefs. By entering a postcode or letting an app access your location, you can track down just about anything, no matter your desired food type or dietary preference. This has made ordering food online much easier, too.  

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