September 27, 2018

Seasonal foods in Autumn

Discover the best pickings this season has to offer

The changing of the weather greatly affects the food industry. Plants have adapted to grow in certain conditions, meaning their harvest times are best at certain times of the year. Our chefs have been busy preparing for autumn by creating new menus that reflect the season. This means warm, comforting dishes full of game, root vegetables, and tangy apples.

Preferring seasonal ingredients means that chefs can use local, fresh ingredients for their menus. Not only is this cheaper, and more environmentally sustainable, but seasonal foods have more flavour than preserved or shipped alternatives.


Autumn is gaming season! Game is never mass-produced because the term denotes animals that are only hunted for their meat or for sport. The word ‘game’ comes from Old English ‘gammen’ meaning ‘amusement’. The UK has shooting restrictions throughout the year to allow the animals to breed and migrate to their winter habitats; the ‘open season’ largely falls in the autumn months, meaning that fresh game is more readily available. Thus, autumnal menus may include meats such as venison, grouse, pheasant, and hare.

It’s Game Season, by Yann and Graham

Mise En Bouche
Foie Gras, Pain d’Épices & Roasted Fig

Amuse Bouche
Slow Poached Organic Egg, Wild Mushrooms & Pecorino

Roasted Quail, Endive, Saffron, Mejool Date & Juniper Dressing

Plat Principal
Roasted Venison Tenderloin, Braised Red Cabbage, Apple, Celery Root & Jus

Baked Vacherin served with Toasted artisan Bread and Homemade Chutney

Yuzu & Meringue Tart with Tahini Ice Cream

Petits Fours
Cardamom & Orange Pate De Fruit



Autumnal vegetables are generally warmer and darker in colour than their summer counterparts. These veggies are in abundance and at their best from September to November. Root vegetables such as parsnips, beetroot, and carrots, as well as winter squash such as pumpkins, are harvested during this period. Kale also grows well in colder weather.

Autumn/Winter Warmerby Dave Watts

Pressed free range chicken terrine with pickled turnips and turnip tops, prunes, cold pressed rapeseed oil mayonnaise

Roasted pumpkin and sage tortelloni, sauteed wild mushrooms, Barkham blue cheese and walnut pesto

Dark chocolate tart with eggnog and Wiltshire creme fraiche



Apples apples apples! The flowering time of an apple depends on the variety; the earliest apple varieties ready to mature in the UK are the Epicurie and the Discovery, which can be harvested in the last week of August. The majority of apple varieties are ready to pick in September and October, making them a great fruit to use in autumnal dishes. Blackberries and figs are also best to eat towards the end of September.


Octoberby Ian Cathcart

Salt baked heritage beets, new season sweet onions, candied walnuts, goats cheese espuma and cider vinegar pearls

Blowtorch Mackerel fillets, Crab and celeriac salad, apple crisps, dill and thyme

Guinea fowl with Jerusalem artichoke puree, charred chicory w/ orange and juniper Cavolo nero with chestnuts and barley malt crackling

Spiced apple and pear tart with pepper and fromage blanc sorbet

A selection of British cheese with home made biscuits and chutneys


Enjoy cooking this autumn by making the most of the season’s pickings, or feel free to design your own bespoke seasonal menu with a La Belle Assiette chef.

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