September 28, 2015

La Belle Assiette Guest Book – Reviews from 14th to 27th Sept.

Here are the best reviews from our clients and their guests over the last two weeks. Congratulations to the Chefs!

Umberto Caltabiano for La Belle Assiette

Dear gourmets,

The La Belle Assiette Guest Book showcases the best recent reviews left on chefs’ profiles. Here we present stories from satisfied customers that show what La Belle Assiette is all about: the pleasure of fine dining from the comfort of home.


Chef Sara Gibson“Sara’s food was fantastic, it looked beautiful and tasted even better. We have dined in many restaurants and onboard several six star cruise ships and this was comparable. The evening was made even better by Fran waiting on the table and serving drinks. This was altogether an unforgettable experience.” – Lynette M.


Chef Josh McDonald-Johnson“Amazing meal served impeccably and with elan. Josh could not have been more helpful or organised and his food is sensational.” – Andy C.


Chef Gio Renzo FiorasoReally gorgeous food cooked by a charming enthusiastic chef. Kitchen left beautifully clean at the end too” – Annie D.


Chef Umberto Caltabiano“Umberto’s food was delicious, inventive and beautifully presented, with great attention to detail. He was also absolutely charming as well as professional. I’m delighted that he will be catering our next event as I know I won’t have to worry about anything!” – Amy R.


Chef Trevor Hancock“Trevor and I discussed everything about the day beforehand. He was very good at describing how things would be, the various options available on the menu, and what our one vegetarian might like. He was most impressive, flexible and an excellent chef. He brought everything imaginable with him and a coupe of support staff who were just as professional . They made my birthday lunch a memorable treat” – Llew A.


Chef Honor Townsend“Honor was an absolute joy. Open and warm, she engaged with the guests for an informed cooking class as we prepared canapés. Every dish was cooked to perfection, flavours had depth and with immaculate presentation. She kept on top of things in a very professional yet personable manor and the kitchen was spotless. We would highly recommend her for any function as she clearly has a great range and adaptability.”- Jemma F.


Chef Kasia S Samuels“Kasia was absolutely amazing. She was an utter delight to have in the house, worked around all the mess I left in the kitchen, was polite at all times but most importantly the food was incredible. The duck was beyond tasty and all the dishes looked fantastic. I even told her at last minute one guest was vegetarian and she sorted them out an equally tasty dish with no fuss or hassle. I throughly recommend her to everyone.” – Elisabeth W.


Chef Joseph Davis“A lovely evening with great food” – Barbara T.

Congratulations to the Chefs for all their brilliant work!

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  1. Suzanne Bryon

    Graham Brittain and Yann Florio served us at a family gathering in September – and it was utterly superb! Their professionalism, lovely manner, organisational skills, were amazing and the food was magnificent! Really made our celebration very special. I would recommend them 100%,

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