December 14, 2015

Up-cycling: how to give your kitchen tools a new life

How to recycle your old kitchen utensils into decorative, contemporary, or even kitsch and funny, creations.


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Let there be light 

Stop throwing out your old sieves, your tin ladles, your worn out cutlery… With a few DIY tools and some electrical know-how, you can turn these utensils into ceiling or wall-light fixtures or chandeliers…
Any kitchen tool that has holes is ideal for creating lamps: assemble or hang, salad shakers, cheese graters, whisks, and fit them out with light bulbs or candles. Decorate an ordinary suspended light with a myriad of knives, forks and spoons to customise it. 

Unusually shaped cake moulds make for a variety of lovely and interesting lampshades.
Use upside down funnels to create a series of amusing candleholders.
Hang a ladle or a spoon that you’ve twisted, on the wall, put a tea candle in it, there you have a sconce light that will brighten your room. 

And, easy as pie, your glass yoghurt pots, decorated or just as they are, make excellent candle jars. 


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It’s not only recycling, it’s “upcycling” 

Take a fresh look at your utensils to find great ideas to transform them into decorative or useful objects for your home.
Your square metal cheese grater, which you’ve just replaced with a more efficient model, can be used to hang your earrings.
All your old forks and spoons can become coat hooks or napkin rings, if you shape them accordingly.
Glue a wi
ne glass to the underside of a plate, paint or decorate the result. You now have a nice-looking serving dish, for small cakes or petit fours, to set in the middle of your table.

Wash your tin cans, wrap them in coloured paper, and you can use them for storing your current utensils or cutlery. Cut the bottom off these same tin cans, glue them together and make yourself a practical wine rack.
An oven or a cake rack, if you attach it to the wall, can be used to hang your pots and pans.
Your brightly coloured plastic kitchen tools or containers can be turned into fun toys for your children.
Use your empty glass jars to make rustic style vases.
You can also simply decorate a wall with assorted kitchen utensils or a series of pretty plates. 


Or why not try out contemporary sculpture 

Famous or lesser-known artists have been creating works of art, using unwanted kitchen tools, for a long time. They turn them into fantastic creatures, imaginary machines or abstract creations.
Their inspiration comes from the shapes and materials of the different objects and they transform them into sculptures, mobiles, 3D pictures… 

So search deep inside yourself, wake up your imagination, and why not, the child in you, grab a soldering iron or simply some wires and create wonderful things… 


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