October 1, 2016

How to promote healthy eating at work

A few ideas to promote and help discover the benefits of healthy eating at work.

Healthy eating at work

Besides lining the office walls with posters touting the famous “5 pieces of fruit and veg a day” mantra, there are other simple and effective ways to encourage your office workers to eat better at work. By doing so, not only will your co-workers be healthier, but they’ll also be more productive. Most of all, they’ll be happy in their own skin and will ultimately feel better about themselves. You should avoid, however, trying to promote one single way of eating better. Instead, opt for shedding light on tips and tricks for eating better, more happily, more healthily and as part of a balanced diet.

Make healthy snacks available

Healthy snacks

It’s a little difficult, sometimes, to resist the hunger pangs that creep up on us all mid-morning. Tackle your co-workers go-to confectionary solutions like chocolate bars by making a communal fruit basket available. Why not bowls of nuts? For those who really can’t resist the bars, how about ones made of cereal and dried fruits (there are some pretty tasty ones out there). Not only will your colleagues eat better, but they’ll have more energy.

Offer healthy drinks

healthy office snacks

We’re not saying you have to get rid of the coffee machine. We do, however, advise you make alternatives available and certainly steer clear of fizzy drinks that are full of sugar and offer no nutritional benefits. Water, of course, should be available to everyone, but why not try coconut water or green tea? The virtues of both are well-known to all.

Have a nice kitchen fitted

If your colleagues are bringing in their own lunches to work, it’s important that they can store, finish preparing or even prepare from scratch their lunches on site, as well as eat them in a comfortable setting.

Offer balanced food platters at business meetings

If you happen to be organising a long meeting, call on the Chefs at La Belle Assiette to prepare food platters that are not only delicious but also balanced and healthy. They will transform the interval into an enjoyable moment of sharing for all participants. You can even organise breakfasts and work snacks made from healthy, nutritional ingredients.

Communicate on the subject of nutrition

Now and then, why not call on a specialised nutritionist? They’ll be able to explain to your colleagues certain simple rules adapted to office life that they can follow to be in better health, all the while enjoying their meals. A nutritionist could even offer up food-related games and challenges.

Plan healthy eating options for the cantine

You can discuss with the company who manages the cantine to ensure that a choice of healthy options are on the menu, and that they are highlighted among the other, less healthy, options.

Make a list of restaurants in the vicinity that serve healthy dishes

Perhaps with the counsel of a nutritionist, test the nearby restaurants where your staff are likely to go and eat at lunchtimes and keep an eye out for those serving balanced meals. You can compile a list of the restaurants with their addresses and some of the healthy dishes they serve and make it available for the perusal of everyone. Why not try and negotiate discounts with the restaurants for your staff?

The most important, however, is to remind each other that eating well can also be fun!

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