October 10, 2014

[The Private Chef Guide] Preparing the holiday season with La Belle Assiette

La Belle Assiette's team will today offer you some important elements regarding the best way to prepare for the holiday season.

holidays season

Dear Chefs, early reservations are on the way! The holiday season is coming, slowly but surely. So to avoid disappointment and to encourage bookings during this period, La Belle Assiette‘s team is here to give you some important tips.


  • The bottom line, prepare your menus and availability

We strongly encourage you to create special menus for Christmas and the New Year’s Eve. Christmas (in the evening of the 24th and in the afternoon of the 25th) is certainly not to be overlooked, as bookings are likely to be numerous. For the creation of the menus, feel free to innovate with your Christmas dinner menu, however, keep in mind that customers will usually ask for classic dishes (Scottish Salmon, Christmas Turkey, Mince Pie, Pudding…). Do not hesitate to revisit these recipes, but sticking to the traditions for at least one of the menu items is recommended. You can also go crazy with your festive menus and unleash your creativity.

About availability, contrary to what one might think, bookings are not limited to the 24th in the evening, but also on the afternoon of the 25th. Moreover, with this year’s December 27th and 28th being a weekend, you should also expect numerous bookings 3 to 4 days after Christmas. And then of course, on the evening of the 31st, a large wave of bookings will be hitting the La Belle Assiette Chefs.


  • Limit the number of menus on a range of availability

Once the menus are posted, when updating your availability details, you can leave a few other menus open for booking on that day. When you create a range of availability, a small window opens and offers the possibility of excluding menus. We however strongly encourage you to exclude all menus other than those dedicated to this holiday season to make sure that you don’t get booked for another menu on Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

holidays season



  • Don’t forget the little ones

Of course, Christmas dinners often mean family reunions, so do not hesitate to prepare a children’s menu alongside your classic menu, bookable directly on the site. Thus, the customer may directly book a classic menu and a children’s menu adapted to the number of guests they will receive.


  • Suggestion of drinks

For festive menus, involving large receptions, it is important to be able to suggest a few drinks. Thus, when creating the menu, feel free to pair your dishes to a selection of wines. However, as we’ve explained in the previous section of The Private Chef Guide regarding the creation of menus, it is important not to specify prices in the menus because they are not billable immediately.

If you want to offer drinks alongside your menu, simply specify that they are “Available upon request” so that the client can request this extra service in a comment while booking. La Belle Assiette’s team will make sure to create an add-on.


Here is what you need to know in order to be prepared for the holiday season with La Belle Assiette. We highly recommend you to start now creating your menus and indicating your availability on the site!

See you soon.

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