August 5, 2014

The Private Chef Guide – The check-list to avoid forgetting anything before the service

Today, La Belle Assiette will share a list of essentials for Chefs to remember before going to the event.

the private chef guide

Dear Chefs, after discussing the topic of bookings fairly broadly in our previous articles, it is now time to talk about your passion, your core business, your performance as a private Chef. Before you go to the location requested by the customers (their house, a venue, etc), you should perform a final check to ensure that you didn’t forget anything! La Belle Assiette therefore provides a check-list that you should refer to before leaving.

After several years of experience as a private Chef, you should now be used to wandering through the kitchen to your customers, and thus have a good grasp of what they usually have and lack. However, depending on the services, the equipment to be used may need to be changed, and it is interesting to regularly check how complete their kitchens are.

It should be noted that during a private Chef performance, Chefs should bring as much equipment as possible, so as not to disturb the client by requesting for their own appliances and utensils. Of course, if you need big rig electrical utensils like as a mixer, using the customer’s is entirely possible. Just remember to ask them about it before the day of the event. Remember, discretion and adaptation are the key features of a private Chef!

Here is the check-list for all your La Belle Assiette performances:

For a classic home dinner performance:

  • The coordinates of the host and home access details, always useful to avoid wasting time on finding the location
  • Seasoning and oils (salt, pepper, garlic, onion, chives, basil, parsley and olive oil in particular)
  • Knives
  • Pans
  • Essential utensils (cutting board, ladle, spoons, whisk, strainer, metering, insulated gloves…)
  • Your jacket. And your hat?
  • Towel
  • Rags
  • Trash bags
  • Your dishes, if you wish
  • Optional presentation food
  • Finally of course, your basket of ingredients
  • And bread (since La Belle Assiette Chefs always handle the bread!)

For a buffet or a cocktail, these elements are often added:

  • Black tablecloth
  • Identical plates
  • White towels
  • Dishes (Containers, glasses, cutlery …)
  • Ice cubes and trays (if you are in charge of them)
  • Beverages (if you are in charge of them)


These are the essential elements you simply cannot forget. If you think of something else, dear Chefs, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments of this article.

See you soon for a new article on La Belle Assiette!

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