August 5, 2014

[The Private Chef Guide] The management of add-ons

The management of supplements can sometimes create some misunderstandings. This new entry to the Private Chef Guide should help to clarify all the possible cases.

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Dear Chefs, we now present you with the fourth article of the Private Chef Guide. Today, we will take a deeper look into one technical subject: add-ons. Sometimes source of some misunderstanding, we will clarify the management point by point thereof between the client, the Chef and La Belle Assiette.

From an increase in the number of guests, by far the most common, to the management of beverages, add-ons can be very diverse. This point should not be overlooked since it is relatively common for clients to change the details of their bookings before the delivery.

In the two previous articles about the calls to the client, we asked you to always confirm the conditions of the booking with the client in order to identify any add-ons.
Logically, this work has already been done by the team of La Belle Assiette during the booking, but you should nonetheless double-check each item with the client to avoid any problem on the day of the event. This must be done especially during the first call.

In case you identify a new add-on, here’s how you should handle the process depending on the type of request.

  • In the case of an addition of guests, the creation of children’s menus, including additional items to the menu (drinks, sweets, pastries …), or an addition of personnel (wine steward, waiter), we recommend that you provide an initial price range to the customer so that they can have an idea. You can then refer the client to La Belle Assiette. Our team will look to finalize the transaction for you.
  • For larger benefits, where an external provider seems necessary for dishes or ice, start by helping the client with determining their needs. Then, two options are available:
    – If the customer is willing to take care of this, you can provide them with the direct contact details of external providers (La Belle Assiette can also provide this information to the client).
    – If the customer prefers to avoid dealing with it, or does not have enough free time to do so, then you can take over the management of the rental of additional equipment or the purchase of beverages. Start with getting a quote from the external providers and contact La Belle Assiette. Our team is then responsible for dealing with the customer.
    However, in the interest of transparency, notify the client that this option will be more expensive to compensate for the additional workload, and that the first option is preferred.

In any situation, if an add-on is claimed and paid by the client directly to La Belle Assiette, our team is committed to notify you as quickly as possible so that you can organize yourself better.

Finally, to close this article, the team wanted to tackle a regular misunderstanding created by the management of add-ons on the website.

Due to the technical constraints of the platform, upon settlement of an add-on by a client, it may be displayed as a new booking on your Chef private account. This “new booking” will have a delivery time set for the same day as the initial reservation, but at a different time. Indeed, for security reasons, it is impossible for us to charge the customers twice for two orders set at the same time.

Of course, this is should not taken into account and, and you have no need to alter the start time of the service. But if in doubt, do not hesitate to contact the team of La Belle Assiette so that they can clarify this point with you.

See you soon for new articles.

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