August 4, 2014

[The Private Chef Guide] The second call to the client

This second call to the client, a few days before the event, allows Chefs to organize themselves better for the big day.

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This is a new entry in our ever growing list of Private Chef Guide! Still about the preparation of the event, and to follow up on the previous article, we will now discuss the second call to the client.

Dear Chefs, as stated in the previous section, after validating a booking, a first telephone call must be made with the customer. It is meant to confirm the booking conditions and validate the various details including the number of guests, the menu as well as the date and location of the event.
But of course, this information will rarely suffice for the organization of the event. That is why it is necessary to make a second call to the customer, a few days before event.

While the first call is usually done 2-3 days after their booking, this second call to the client should be made three days before the event date the latest. Thus, in the case of unexpected issues, the opportunities to re-organize or alter the performance will still be numerous.

This call is more focused on your organization as a Chef, in contrast to the first one that served the purpose of confirming the details. Equipment, arrival time… These aspects of the reservation should be given the utmost importance.

Again, to assist you in this process, and to ensure that you do not forget anything, La Belle Assiette came up with a set of guidelines that you should refer to before making your second call to the client.
By using it, you won’t forget any details, avoid misunderstandings, and be prepared to the best!

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– Introduce yourself to the customer as a La Belle Assiette Chef.

– Double-check the date of the event, the location and number of guests, to have a confirmation.

– Learn about the equipment present on-site and fill the gaps with your own equipment. Pans, electrical equipment, utensils…

– Learn about the type of stove present in the location. Beware of induction cookers!

– Learn about the dishes available, especially if you plan to use specific containers for the presentation of your dishes.

– Ask the client to free up space in the refrigerator and space in the kitchen for your preparations.

– Inquire about access to the location of the location. Gather tips about the streets and landmarks, parking options, access code to the building…

– Learn about the layout of the home. Open or closed kitchen? Distance between the kitchen and the dining table? For your organization, this may be an important point!


These are essentially the main points to remember during this second call.

Again, remain available to customer for any question they may have, and take the time to reply in detail to avoid unnecessary calls before the day of delivery.

Coming up in our next posts, new articles about the day of the performance itself: the check-list of things you cannot forget, and numerous useful tips to follow so that you can offer the customer a perfect gourmet experience and a serene day!

See you soon.

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