August 4, 2014

[The Private Chef Guide] The management of bookings

A quick and thorough management of the bookings helps in avoiding all organizational problems.

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Welcome to the first post of the Private Chef Guide. This post will focus on one of the foremost essentials for the proper functioning of our service: the management of bookings by Chefs.

First of all, let’s address the issue of responsiveness. On our platform, customers can, and often will, book a chef for the next 24hrs – 48hrs. It is therefore appropriate that Chefs consult their bookings on the site regularly, in order to confirm them, even until the last moment.
However, if you have less that 24 hours to prepare for a booking, we will reach out to you and assist you as much as we can, by contacting you and forwarding your reply to the customer for example. We will ensure that everything happens for the best.

It should be noted that the processing time of bookings is registered on our website. Also, in order to ensure an optimal quality of the La Belle Assiette services, we will naturally put forward the most reactive chefs.

To validate a booking, you must go into the “My Bookings” sub-menu accessible from your La Belle Assiette tab. It is here that all the latest bookings made on your profile will be displayed. You will have the opportunity of consulting and validating them by committing yourself to perform the following tasks:

  • I will validate with the client regarding all the equipment present on-site and that I will bring those required to complete the task
  • I will validate with the client regarding the details of my arrival on-site
  • I will validate the menu details with the client
  • If the menu changes, I will send an email to contact[at] regarding the details the new menu so the staff can forward them to the client
  • If an add-on is to be charged, I will contact La Belle Assiette so that they can handle it for me without any issues !

personal chef guide
After validating a booking, we advise you to make an initial call to the client. This call will also be an opportunity to introduce yourself, while also offering a short explanation on what they should expect from the experience of hiring a private chef, some of our customers trying it for the first time!

A second call should then be made a few days before the delivery to address all the logistical and practical issues.

If this procedure is properly followed, then, no organizational problems should arise. This is thus the best way to prepare yourself for a booking with confidence.

See you soon for a new guide.

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