October 29, 2015

Press round-up: September

Articles about La Belle Assiette that have popped up over the past month.

Photo by  Sloan! Magazine

Photo by Sloan! Magazine

Sloan! Magazine: La Belle Assiette

This lovely review is of a dinner hosted recently by Sloan! Magazine featuring La Belle Assiette chef Jacqueline Wise, “a creative and experienced Cordon Bleu Chef trained at Tante Marie…This goes to show you the high calibre of chefs that La Belle Assiette is affiliated with.” The blog post mentions the new La Belle Assiette ‘split the bill’ feature which aims to make our service more accessible, allowing customers to pay for just their share of the meal.

Explaining how relaxing the host found the evening, she wrote “when you meet someone who is so in charge but in a non-overt manner, you feel that your dinner party is truly in great hands which means you can pop open the bubbly early…I can honestly say that La Belle Assiette and Jacqueline Wise took all the effort away from the host, allowing one to enjoy a quality meal at home.”

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County & Town House: Gastro Gossip

La Belle Assiette were mentioned in a round-up of exciting innovations in the food industry. See above for a clipping.

France in London: 11 Good Reasons To Have A La Belle Assiette Private Chef In Your Life

France in London featured our service in a light-hearted article looking at (highly serious) reasons why you should consider booking a La Belle Assiette Chef.

The Guardian: Future Of Food: Wow We Share It

Looking at innovations in the food sector, this article explains how La Belle Assiette founder, Stephen Leguillon, hopes to normalise private dining – something which previously seemed extravagant, as on-demand service Uber has done for taxis. The article notes that like Uber, La Belle Assiette keeps costs down by minimising overheads, and it also allows customers to leave reviews for chefs.

I-on Magazine: Take three: La Belle Assiette, Buck & Birch, Alright Treacle

This short piece suggests that La Belle Assiette is a perfect choice if you’re looking for an unusual present: “Gift a private dinner for four for £220.”

The London Economic: Restaurant Industry ‘Uberised’ with Bill Splitting App

Another article to focus on our new “split the bill” feature which states that “the restaurant industry is set to be ‘Uberised’” by our innovative approach. After research indicated that 79% of English restaurant-goers split the bill, we created this feature so that customers can now pay only part of the bill when booking a chef. 

The article includes a quote from Stephen Leguillon, CEO and co­founder of La Belle Assiette: “Splitting the bill has been an important step to facilitate access to our service that has always been associated with more traditional food services. The release of this new feature was welcomed enthusiastically by the thousands of gourmands who use our service already every month”.

Working Girl London: Girl’s Gotta Eat: La Belle Assiette Private Chef

A wonderful review from a very happy customer! “Overall, the food was insane. The presentation was of the same quality of the best restaurants in town and all in the comfort of my own home! There were clear plates all round…and not a single complaint from the guests. I’m not sure it would have been the same reaction if I had cooked

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