May 2, 2017

Press round up: April

Reviews and features in April

La Belle Assiette






April was an exciting month for La Belle Assiette, with our ‘Bring Your Own Plate’ stunt event which took place in London. Guests had the opportunity to challenge our chefs with the task of transforming their most daring plate into a beautiful one. Here’s a round up of some of the press we received this month.

Derbyshire Times: Private chef takes all the stress out of throwing a dinner party

We The Food Snobs: Bring-Your-Own-Plate: Dinner with La Belle Assiette and Nicolas Feuillatte

Indepedent: The worst crimes against Italian food according to top chefs

TimeOut: Bring Your Own Plate

Great Food Club: La Belle Assiette: sit back, relax and enjoy!

Luxe Magazine: La Belle Assiette

Luxuria Lifestyle: The Luxuria lifestyle April hit list 

The Bristol Magazine: Haute at home with La Belle Assiette

Crummbs: La Belle Assiette £20 Feast with champagne

Event Magazine: La Belle Assiette asks diners to bring their own plate

Belle du Brighton: La Belle Assiette – Dinner cooked for you in your own home

Eating Ideas: Enjoy entertaining with none of the work with La Belle Assiette


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