February 20, 2016

Party Caterer Guide by La Belle Assiette

La Belle Assiette Party Caterer Guide, a party catering guide to ensure your catering event endeavours are planned and executed to military precision.

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So you’re throwing a party and it’s all fun and games until you realise just how much there is to plan. There are guests to invite, invitations to print, the venue to book, the catering to plan, the ingredients to source, the wine to go with it and the entertainment and decor to pull off. Feeling overwhelmed? We’ve got your back! Here is La Belle Assiette Party Caterer Guide to ensure your catering event endeavours are planned and executed to military precision.

1. Guests

Before you do anything, you should sit down and think long and hard about your guests. Not only are they the lifeblood of your party, the attendance (or absence) and quality of your guests will play an imperative role in every subsequent aspect of your event. When you have an idea of names and numbers, think about what type of venue, catering and entertainment is best suited to your guests. If you are unsure if a sit-down format or buffet-style event is best, read our article here.

2. Venue

Now that you have a better idea of who could attend, you can start thinking about venues! First and foremost, narrow down the options in terms of size and budget. When you have a shortlist, you can visit the venue and get a feel of whether or not it suits your requirements. Trust your instincts, the surroundings of your event are very important and if they simply do not give the right vibes of what you envisaged for your event, there are likely to be plenty more options available. If you are struggling, your party caterer may even be able to suggest venues!

3. Catering

Food, glorious food! If your guests are the life, then the catering is the soul of your party. This is where we encourage you to engage most with your party caterer. Be inquisitive and exigent, the catering can make or break a party. Now that you have a better idea of who your guests are, you will likely know whether sit-down or buffet is the best course of action. In the case of the former, a set menu will be conceived alongside your caterer. For the latter, ask your caterer to provide you with a selection of food options for you to choose from. Regardless of what format your event should take, your party caterer should use the finest ingredients, ideally locally and ethically sourced and organic. They should also take into account the different dietary requirements and preferences your guests may have including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, halal, kosher and lactose-intolerance.

4. Extras – Alcohol & Corkage, Service, Decor & Entertainment

Now that the foundations of your party have been set, you can build on them. Enquire as to whether the caterer provides alcohol or includes a corkage fee if you source your own. In the case of the latter, be sure to discuss with your party caterer to have a better idea of what wines match which flavours in your menu options. Often the inclusion of service will incur an additional charge with caterers, so double check what your options are. Party caterers are often involved in every aspect of party planning and may have a vast portfolio of interior designers and entertainment options whether its a DJ, a live musical act, a comedy or dance performance to name but a few.

Now all that’s left is to create and send the invites and enjoy your evening in the company of your guests!

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