October 3, 2019

New Trend Alert: Matcha Madness!

Start your day the matcha way!

Matcha madness has certainly kicked in. The previously rare asian export is now stocked in supermarkets and this green goodness is dominating our Instagram feeds. Matcha originates from the same plant as green tea, but because the entire leaf is used, it is packed full of nutrients. As a result, just one cup of matcha has as many antioxidants as ten cups of loose leaf green tea! However, that is not the only reason you should swap green tea for matcha…

The many matcha health benefits:

Matcha powder is rich in fibres, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium. It contains vitamins A, B, C, E and K, not to mention a whole load of minerals. In short, matcha functions as a natural body detox.

Matcha boosts your metabolism, burning calories whilst helping to lower cholesterol and steady blood sugar levels. All these health benefits, along with the idea that Matcha prevents disease, thanks to all the antioxidants. Maybe some matcha a day really will keep the doctor away!

Matcha’s combination of caffeine and its natural properties means that consumers experience an energy boost throughout the day.

Matcha also has the power to calm the mind, relax the body and to top it off, aid in concentration. Instead of caffeine jitters matcha leaves you cool, calm and collected!

Different ways to devour matcha:

So it all began with matcha tea and matcha coffee. Considering most of us are caffeine addicts and couldn’t cope without our morning fix, matcha soon became the perfect way to start the day! The slow energy release combined with matcha making your morning more aesthetically pleasing should be enough to entice you. Stop at a café on your way into work, to marvel in the matcha madness!

If hot drinks are not for you, do not fear, Matcha smoothies are here. Whether it is your post gym snack, your morning fuel or used simply to make your green smoothie the greenest it has ever been, a spoonful of matcha boosts the health benefits of a simple smoothie!

For those who are not willing to sacrifice their sipping habits, why not brighten your morning with a matcha breakfast. For pancakes packed with energy for the day, add some matcha into the mix or swap syrup for matcha dusting. Alternatively, stir into your porridge, granola, overnight oats or even your chia for a noticeable spring in your step.

If nothing has tickled your tastebuds so far, a matcha snack might fill the void.  Sprinkle some powder into your energy balls recipe or cheat and buy them. Either way, extra energy!

Last but certainly not least, are matcha treats. Matcha cookies have graced the sweet treat market. So don’t hesitate to add chocolate chip matcha cookies into your flavour rotation to satisfy your sweet tooth. Or, try the tongue twister treat of Matcha Mochi! One asian born product meets another and you have probably always wondered what the green coloured Mochi tastes like, why not see for yourself!


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