February 22, 2017


Train and tube strikes can ruin your plans, we want to cheer up your day!

My delayed dinner

Commuting in London today is more painful than normal, with the strikes affecting the Southern Rail Network and the tube, it’s likely you’ll be delayed getting home! La Belle Assiette is running a campaign to give Londoners their time back.

One strike is enough but two strikes in one day is just miserable.

The average commute in London is 74.2 minutes! Today, yours is probably going to be even longer. But, La Belle Assiette wants to give you that time back.

By the time you get home you’re probably going to be too tired and fed up to cook yourself a decent meal. Tweet or post on Facebook what you’re having for dinner using the hashtag #MyDelayedDinner whatever it might be… a ready meal, a bowl of cereal, random leftovers you’ve found in the fridge…

If you’re lucky we might just send a private chef to cook you a culinary feast! The chef will take care of the shopping, cooking, serving and cleaning up, so that you can enjoy some free time and amazing food with your friends. This dinner will happen whenever you like, tomorrow, next week, you choose!

When it comes to food and strikes… as a French company, we know what we’re talking about!

Have a safe journey and don’t forget to share your #MyDelayedDinner with us!

Just take a look at the food you could be enjoying with a La Belle Assiette private chef:

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