June 17, 2015

Menus for Ramadan with La Belle Assiette

Let La Belle Assiette take care of the cooking, so that you be with your family during Ramadan

Philip Juma

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. It is a period of prayer, fasting, charity giving and self-accountability for Muslims. During the whole month, faithful observers of Islam fast from sunrise (Sahour) to sunset (Iftar). During this fast people do not consume any food or drink. Meals are therefore enjoyed before sunrise and after sunset and are eaten with family or the local community.


It is extremely tiring fasting and can be difficult to find the energy to cook meals that cater for the whole family. That’s why at La Belle Assiette we have worked with our chefs to create menus for Ramadan. Having a chef come to your home and create your meal will allow those respecting Ramadan to focus on time with their families and prayer.


Chef Tony Esber feels that it is only through absorbing and understanding the culture significance of Lebanese cuisine and its past, that he can invent and create works for the now and the future. Here is one of his menus that he has designed for Ramadan:


Ramadan Mezze

Olives, crudites and Lebanese bread

Cold Mezze

Baba ghannouj, eggplant purée
Tabbouleh, parsley, tomato and bulgur salad
Fattoush, garden salad
Warak enab, stuffed vine leaves
Labneh cheese with garlic
Moudardara, lentil and rice salad

Hot Mezze

Kebbeh, lamb, bulgur and pine nuts croquettes
Lamb sambousik, bite sized meat pies
Soujouk sausages with tomatoes
Spicy potatoes and fried vegetables
Aubergine mousaka
Lebanese bean stir fry
Grilled halloumi cheese
Lemon and garlic chicken wings


Fresh fruits and baklava


Lebanese coffee


Some other menus from our chefs for Ramadan:

Ramadan Feast Menu by chef Mohamed Kouka in Glasgow

Iftar in Beirut by chef Tony Esber in London

Ramadan Feast by chef Tony Esber in London


Ramadan kareem!

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