June 26, 2018

Meet Samantha, our new Junior Operations Manager!

Samantha has joined the team as a client satisfaction manager and to help you organise your events!

Greetings fellow foodies! My name is Samantha and I am delighted to be joining the La Belle Assiette team as the UK Operations Manager.

I am originally from sunny Southern California, but I decided to move to Paris in 2014 to explore this gastronomic city, immerse myself into the European lifestyle, and… study. I am a recent graduate of The American University of Paris where I earned my undergraduate degree in global communication with a minor in socio-cultural anthropology.

I’ve always loved cooking and eating, especially in good company, but I realized that I wanted to work in the food industry after I took a “Food Anthropology” course at my university. We learned how to taste, smell, feel, and thoroughly experience our senses by engaging with our food. Additionally, I had the opportunity to visit Jura, France twice with my anthropology professor to learn about the craft of Comté cheese making, and most importantly how to taste and categorize it’s aromas. For my second visit, I received a grant from my university to co-produce a short film about civic engagement in this artisanal process. The film became the finalist in two food film festivals in Italy in 2017. Learning about food in such a way was unique and a pleasure, and I think my experience here at La Belle Assiette will be a continuation of my relationship with food, but this time, opening up to the business behind the magic. I am excited to work for a company that prides itself on providing wonderful food for people with a reason to celebrate!

Let’s get things cooking!

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