September 9, 2014

Introducing Michelle, our new Chef Sales Representative

Michelle is joining the La Belle Assiette Team to take care of our Chef community in the UK. Welcome!

michelleI’m a Lebanese food writer and cuistot living in Paris. Already at a young age, I was drawn into the kitchen by my family’s traditions and cultural heritage. Having roots both in the Middle East and Latin America, as well as having lived for three years in Paris, enabled me to create a solid foundation to understanding what culinary arts are about. My travels helped me widen my culinary horizons and satisfy my growing curiosity for all things food. I spend most of my free time cooking, creating and adding a personal touch to recipes from all corners of the world.

Having studied French literature and linguistics, I felt the need to put into practice my writing skills by writing for different food blogs, French and American. I also participated in the creation of cookbooks.

My professional experiences as a food writer fuelled my motivation to pursue a more practical side of the food industry and “get my hands dirty” by diving into the kitchen. I attended a famous culinary school in London and hosted and animated several cooking workshops.

Joining the La Belle Assiette team as a chef sales representative has been the perfect opportunity for me to work in an exciting environment where passion for food meets revolutionary ideas!
So to all of you chefs out there, get in touch with me at! I have the keys to the solution you’re looking for!

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