July 24, 2019

Meet Camila, our new Operations Manager!

Camila has joined the team as an operations manager

Hello everyone!

I am currently finishing my master’s degree in Digital Project Management & Consulting and I am stoked to be joining La Belle Assiette’s team.

I come all the way from sunny and football crazy Uruguay but throughout my studies I have been able to live in different countries such as Canada, Germany and Spain. All of them have been amazing opportunities to learn about new cultures while getting to know different people from all around the world and – of course – their food. 

Right now it is time for Paris :) After having had my first baguette and struggling to find my way through the metro asking for assistance in a mix of English and French, i am more than excited to keep discovering the city, the language and the incredible cuisine!!

Looking forward to the work and challenges ahead as part of La Belle Assiette!



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