October 11, 2016

London’s Longest Dinner Party In Numbers (and photos)

La Belle Assiette hosted the longest dinner party of the year and here's the round up of some of the best bits!

London's Longest Dinner Party

On Saturday (8th October), La Belle Assiette hosted the Longest Dinner Party of the year! The event went off without a hitch and all 100 courses were served in under 1,000 minutes!

Chefs Zoe McReynolds, Christopher White, Halima Ferreira, Fynn Hughes, Elia Carulla, Alec Tomasso, Gio Renzo Fioraso, Yann Florio and Graham Brittain cooked delicious dishes throughout the day, the creativity, presentation and culinary flair were remarkable! Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne flowed, with three different champagnes served at each meal, which all complimented the food. Founders of La Belle Assiette Stephen and Giorgio managed to have a forkful of every single course, it’s safe to say they were the fullest they’ve ever been by the end!

So here’s the event in numbers (and pictures):

1 menu

The menu

100 courses

(to see photos of all 100 courses head over to twitter)

1,000 dishes 

London's Longest Dinner Party

16.5 hours

100 guests

London's Longest Dinner Party

9 chefs

London's Longest Dinner Party

2 founders

London's Longest Dinner Party

86 empty bottles

London's Longest Dinner Party

300 glasses (only 5 broken!)

London's Longest Dinner Party

145,000 kcals consumed *estimation

1 photographer – Anthony Biscette = hero!

728 shares on social #1menu100courses

To see more photos head over to Twitter or Instagram 

Credit- @shinylifeforme

Credit- @shinylifeforme

6529 photos taken for the time-lapse

See the whole thing in 2.17 mins!

22 dishwasher cycles

London's Longest Dinner Party

100 tote bags given away

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