October 31, 2019

Let the fun and games commence!

What is a dinner party without a little laughter? Well, a dinner party game is sure to have your guests giggling away! So, whilst La Belle Assiette take the hassle out of cooking, the entertainment is down to the host. Occasionally, guest may not know each other too well, games are the perfect solution to break the ice. Alternatively, guest may be very close, even too close, and this is the opportunity to embarrass each other! If a magician or a pianist is simply not your style, or within the budget, do not fear, there are plenty of games that require little or no equipment and are just as fun! So, here are a few of our favourite games to liven up your next event:

The Dinner Party Game

The name of the game seems too fitting for the circumstances! To play this all time favourite, one guest acts as the host. The remaining guest must whisper or text (we can modernise games) to the host, the name of someone that is well known, whether it be a celebrity, a mutual friend or a family member. The host, taking note of the names, will read them all out in a different order. These are the guests at an imaginary dinner party. Now it is time for guests to guess who is who. The first guest asks another if they are one of the mentioned names. If they are correct they get a second try, if they are wrong it passes to the person asked. The game continues like so but often players loose track of the names or bluff and use their own name when they have bad memory!

Cheers to the Governor

Go around the table attempting counting from 1 to 15. Whoever lands on 15 must refrain from saying the number but instead announce ‘Cheers to the Governor’. This player may then create a new rule for another number. For example, instead of 5, point to the ceiling or change 6 for 8 and 8 for 6. The game continues counting to 15 again but with the new rules, adding in new aspects each round. People seem to forget all the rules, especially if they have had a few drinks. Lots of laughter guaranteed.

Alphabet Name Game

This game involves pencils and paper and can be played individually or in teams.  On the left hand side of the page the alphabet should be written down it. In the middle a sentence picked from the front of a newspaper, creating 26 pairs of letters. These become the initials. Start a 5 minute timer and each player or team must come up with a famous person, or person you know, with those initials and fill in the name. But, there are points for originality. 1 point for a correct name and 2 if no one else has had the same idea! Winner has the most points!

The Sticky Note Game

Players are each given a sticky note and write on it the name of a person or character. Players should then stick these to the foreheads of others being sure that they do not see the name stuck on them. Go round the table, one at a time, asking yes or no question for example ‘am I male or female?’ The first person to guess their character correctly wins.

We hope you’ll put some of these games to the test at your next dinner party. If you want you can always add alcohol as a forfeit when someone makes a mistake, though we can’t take responsibility for the mess that might follow… Have fun!


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