September 20, 2019

Let the Christmas Countdown Commence!

It’s September and the 100 day Christmas countdown has officially begun!!!

It is definitely time to start planning ahead for the festivities. It may seem early but, it comes round quickly and we wouldn’t want to mess up the most important feast of the year. The Christmas period can often be overwhelming, so here are some helpful tips for before, during, and after the big day to guide you through the festive season.


The Build Up

For most people the indulgence begins on the 1st December with the opening of Advent Calendars. Nothing beats a little mouthful of chocolate or these days, all sorts of treats, to ignite our excitement for the festivities as the countdown comes into full force! Stick to the traditional option and go for a chocolate calendar to save your pennies for the long shopping list which awaits.

Whilst some are talented gift-buyers, creative and innovative, buying the coolest presents on the market for each family member, others play it safe buying socks that recipients will never wear. But, whatever gifts you are considering, food always seems to go down well. Christmas edition chocolates or stocking fillers never fail to spark the Christmas spirit.  If you are thinking of a more memorable gift, a cooking class might tickle your taste buds. Alternatively, if you are looking for something special for a loved one why not try a romantic dinner for 2?

Part of the exciting festive build up is the annual Office Christmas Party. Whether you dread or look forward to them, there is no better way to welcome in the Christmas Break than a party. Awkward as they may feel, these parties are a great opportunity to loosen up and get to know your colleagues away from your desk or office canteen. So don’t be shy, embrace the opportunity and of course, appreciate the good food and wine!


Christmas Day

Setting the table can be a daunting task; whether it is fitting too many people around the table, owning the correct amount of crockery and cutlery or trying to decorate the table to enhance the festive feeling. Should you do a buffet style meal or serve all the food on the table? Will there be space for some sprigs of holly or candles? Christmas pudding or mince pies or even both? Remember less is more, no tall decorations which may limit cross-table conversation!

Once the table is set, the cooking comes next. Keep it simple with no on-the-day experimentation which is bound to send your stress levels through the roof. Perhaps practice preparing dishes during the build up to avoid disappointment. Leave plenty of time for cooking on the day by serving canapés and mulled wine to whet your guests’ appetites.

We all know that for some the pressure is just too much. The long awaited traditional feast is just out of your cooking comfort zone. However hard you try something always seems to go wrong. You insist on hosting every year, despite previous disasters, or you are a guest who tries to offer a helping hand only to be snapped at by an agitated family member. So, if you are sick of slaving away in the kitchen and would prefer to actually enjoy the festive period, don’t delay, book one of our Christmas Menus for a stress free feast in your own home!



The Aftermath

How many different ways can you use leftover turkey? This is the challenge we all take on post Christmas; the pressure not to waste the remaining food to the extent we can’t eat another Christmas feast for a year!  The only advice we can give: invite some guests to help you out, leftovers will be eaten in no time!

Decorations are another remnant of Christmas that we all struggle to part with! Wrapping paper, Christmas crackers, lights and the Christmas tree always seem to linger in our houses after Christmas. Decorations are often still hanging in January despite New Years resolutions to be more tidy and organised. So, recycle all the rubbish and pack up the Christmas decorations into a box and store them away. No one needs fairy lights on all year round!

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