January 12, 2015

La Belle Assiette’s Guest Book – 15th December to 11th January

Here are the best reviews from our clients over the last weeks. Congratulations to the Chefs!

guest book

Dear gourmets,

The La Belle Assiette’s Guest Book is an important “rendez-vous” for all the members of the community of La Belle Assiette, whether they are customers, gourmets or chefs. It showcases the best of the latest reviews left on the chef’s profiles.

Here’s our selection:

Chefs Zara Richardson« Zara was amazing! She was well organised and prepared the menu we choose very well. She was very helpful in discussing and suggesting the menu beforehand. She’s clean, professional and has a genuine passion for cooking! I would not hesitate to recommend her.» Arti N.


Chef Umberto Caltabiano« The meal was absolutely outstanding. Umberto was a a gentleman all through the meal and was very easy to talk to and very friendly. He served us wine throughout and the presentation of the food was also fantastic. It was a great night and I would definitely recommend this service and this chef to anyone. I will no doubt use this company again and I will also look particular to ask for this chef!» Kévin T.


Congratulations to the Chefs!

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