February 4, 2016

La Belle Assiette has raised a new €1.3M investment!

The adventures continue! Today the team at La Belle Assiette is excited to announce a €1.3 million investment that will finance the development of your favourite foodie startup!

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Yum! 2016 has got off to an unbelievable start for La Belle Assiette. After a very busy year in 2015, we’re happy to announce this new €1.3m investment, recognising months of effort! And this is just the start…

It’s been almost three years since we launched La Belle Assiette in France, and we’re about to move into a new and even more exciting stage in 2016. Thanks to our rapid international expansion, we’re already the European leader in our field – the largest private chef service in Europe with more than 700 chefs and tens of thousands of customers. Since our last investment in October 2014, our chefs have doubled the number of their event per month and we’re now well-established in both the UK and Germany. ‘La Belle Assiette’ is not always easy to pronounce or understand, but we’re working on it! #FrenchTouch

And so we’re extremely proud of the progress we have made and all the faith you have put in us along the way. The new investment came from our existing investors, who continue to support us (they’re here!), and we’re thrilled to welcome some extraordinary new partners; the investment fund Cabiedes & Partners, the former CEO of Alain Ducasse group Laurent Plantier, and many more!


Great! So what’s next?

As you might have guessed, we secured this investment on the basis of a new project for La Belle Assiette: to become the world’s biggest catering service. We’ll be laying the foundations of this ambitious plan in 2016.

To achieve this, in the coming months we’ll be launching multiple services that complement our products, on top of our traditional private chef service. You may already know about the first one, Cooking Classes! With Buffets, Catering and Lunch Deliveries on their way soon. Next week we’ll be sharing a clear and simple piece with you to explain our new strategy in detail. We really want you to fully understand our goals and vision, and if you feel like it, you can even help and advise us on our new adventure! :-)

2016 looks to be an incredibly exciting year for La Belle Assiette, and we’ve been waiting eagerly to announce this year’s first piece of good news. Finally, the team wants to thank you, our customers and chefs, for your loyalty, advice, and the amazing experiences we share with you everyday! You have truly been essential to the successes that we have achieved.

So get ready for the New Year, and we’ll be back next week to tell you more about our future adventures!

Sophie, Millie, Esther, Elise, Franck, Guillaume, Marc, Sophie, Audrey, Astrid, Thomas, Henri, Mathieu, Giorgio, Frederic, Michelle, Stephen, Kasia, Duc, Cédric, Nicolas, Isobel & Claudel.

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