June 5, 2015

La Belle Assiette launches its new booking interface!

La Belle Assiette reveals today its new navigation interface, which is easier and more convenient to use!

new strategy

There are currently thousands of you who visit our website every day and rely on La Belle Assiette for your dining experiences. This popularity in our service drives our team to work daily on improving your experience of La Belle Assiette; let the pixels on our website be the seasoning on your plate.

Recently, the team at La Belle Assiette have been focusing on how to optimise your browsing habits before and during the booking process on our website. For this reason, we’ve called upon you to help us gauge your impressions of the browsing experience offered on our online platform.

Through this research, which took place over several weeks, three major needs have been identified:
• What is or isn’t included in the service you are booking must be more clearly stated
• Access to menus offered by the La Belle Assiette chefs must be quick in just a few clicks
• Menus must be better categorised by type of experience and levels of service, in order to make your choice easier

new strategy


After several weeks of designing and developing you will have recently noticed a number of changes on our website.

The search tool has been transformed so that menus appear rather than the profiles of chefs. Chef profiles will of course still be available, but only via their menus. This aims to reduce your search time, since carrying out several searches on different chef profiles was not easy on the previous site.

la belle assiette

All menu prices on the platform have been standardised to help you find what you’re looking for amongst over 2,000 menus.
• ‘Temptation’ (£35 or £45 per guest) : Gourmet menus for you to enjoy
• ‘Prestige’ (£55 or £65 per guest) : Exceptional menus for food enthusiasts
• ‘Signature’ (£90 or more per guest) : Exclusive and elaborate menus for an unforgettable evening

Allowing you to choose the experience you are looking for easily and quickly.


This more organised and streamlined service stresses the latest innovation for La Belle Assiette, which will develop progressively over the following weeks: an increase in the number of menus targeted at everyday, simple, relaxed experiences, with menus at £35 or £45 per head from the ‘Temptation’ range. In fact, when we surveyed the La Belle Assiette community, many of you shared your desire to enjoy the La Belle Assiette experience in a more everyday framework, through a larger availability of menus below £45 per head.

This is just a taste of the many new things to come over the following months, all for you to enjoy. So watch this space, and we hope to see you soon!

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