December 9, 2015

La Belle Assiette celebrates its 1st year in the UK

We've had an awesome 1st year in the UK and want to let you know how great it's been!

La Belle AssietteOver the last 365 days we have been working on bringing the La Belle Assiette experience to the UK. It’s been a fantastic year and a lot has happened.

Here are some of our highlights in numbers!

3 members in the London team – of course with the undivided support from the Paris team!

228 professional active chefs online resulting in full coverage of the UK

100 chefs in London

21,154 people have eaten food served by our chefs

3,120 cups of tea and coffee drunk to keep us going

212 articles written about our service

97 partners and brand ambassadors

4 food festivals

1 award won – the Franco-British Award Business for SME/Entrepreneur
Finally a huge thank you to everyone that has supported us in our first year; our passionate and truly brilliant chefs, loyal customers, inspiring partners and of course the whole team in Paris who are always there to encourage, share, teach and help in any way they can. Watch this space for new and exciting things happening in 2016!

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