January 8, 2020

Juicy January

It is January. We all indulged a little too much over the festive period and have returned to work, school or revision feeling a little worse for wears. But, there really is nothing juice cannot fix. So, we bring to you: Juicy January!

Juicy Benefits

Juice kickstarts your digestive system, can be packed with nutrients not to mention your 5 a day! Juice promotes a healthy immune system and prevents allergies and ailments from entering your body. It balances bodily pH and can purify blood whilst keeping us hydrated because a large proportion of fruit and vegetables is water. The nature of juice also allows our bodies to easily assimilate and utilise the nutrients.  Even better, fruit juices detoxify your body and naturally flush out unwanted materials.

Juicy Tips

Juice should not replace a meal but come hand in hand to add another dimension. Begin your day the juicy way with an orange juice, the classic choice. Full of vitamin C, with bits or without… but certainly best when freshly squeezed. Or, cure the hangover from hell with a shot of concentrated carrot or tomato juice with a dash of turmeric. A lunchtime juice may also tickle your tastebuds or try a fruit infused water, Lemon water increases collagen production for smooth skin!

Swap your afternoon tea for a juice to boost your energy. Try a thick smoothie style juice to keep you fuelled up until dinner and to make sure you meet the recommended 5 a day. Remember, juice does not need to be green, to be healthy! Don’t over do it with a juice at dinner. Instead restart the detoxifying process the next day.

Juicy Joy

Even if you didn’t receive a bullet blender for Christmas, juices are available to buy or simply squeeze fruit for the real deal! Drinking juice brings bountiful benefits and the fresh feeling of a body cleanse. So, for an extra spring in your step, jazz up your January with juice!

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