March 18, 2015

Guten Tag Deutschland!

Exactly two years after its release, La Belle Assiette has now entered a sixth market, Germany!

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Guten Tag Deutschland!

What a joy it is to utter these few words. As an entrepreneur, entering a new market is an intense moment. Each new country is in some ways a new beginning. We are not alone in this endeavour; Lukas recently joined the team as the country developer for Germany to help us succeed there. Already at work in Hamburg, he is surrounded by a community of chefs committed to developing the service. A new culture, a new language, and therefore a multitude of new challenges. Our young and dynamic team is ready to achieve great things in the coming months.

The German market is a bit of a paradox. While it’s the second most Michelin-starred country in Europe, Germans are tending to abandon their restaurant tradition: 5% of German restaurants have disappeared since 2008. Despite some clichés surrounding German food culture, there appears to be a real interest in gastronomy and in the pleasure of entertaining at home. The 25-40 generation are behind this movement, with their strong purchasing power and high mobility.

The German market seems particularly favourable for the La Belle Assiette concept. In fact, the “eat out at home” idea was born in Germany, setting a trend for having dinner parties at home, without spending a minute in the kitchen. La Belle Assiette has been met with increasing demand in this highly receptive market. With the German branch of La Belle Assiette taking its first steps in Hamburg, we plan to move forward quickly with nationwide expansion. A number of chefs have already joined us and many others are lined up! We’re excited to have the opportunity to discover this new market in more depth.

Our arrival in Germany is a perfect opportunity to remind ourselves of our values. Since the outset, our goal was to grow La Belle Assiette into an international company. In Germany and elsewhere, we will continue to offer a service of the same high quality we have established in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and of course in the UK. Our aim remains the same wherever we are: to offer a hassle-free dining experience from the comfort of home. The team’s passion and enthusiasm to achieve this goal drives our work on a daily basis.

Our desire to succeed and to offer an unforgettable experience leads us to our next announcement regarding product development. Without giving too much away, there will be big changes to the way you navigate through the La Belle Assiette website simplifying the booking process.

Finally, I want to thank the entire team here at La Belle Assiette for their hard work in recent months. Thanks are also due to our chefs for the great experiences they offer to our customers every day. Last but certainly not least, thanks to you, the La Belle Assiette community for your continued support and for getting us to where we are today.


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