June 8, 2016

Food Trucks: the buzz behind private catering on wheels

How are food trucks reinventing the private catering industry? We take a look at their Old World history and their modern day popularity.

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If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, Muhammad must go to the mountain. Such is the age-old aphorism. Words that have clearly resonated with the new wave of private catering in the form of mobile cuisine: food trucks. Nowadays, you can find food truck equivalents of all cuisines up and down the country. Just where did these kitchens on wheels come from and how are they reinventing the private catering industry. We take a look at their Old World history and their modern day relevance.

Once upon a food truck…

The pop-up restaurant has come a long way since its humble Texan beginnings in the 19th century when cattle ranchers travelling long distances with their herds would have a less sophisticated version of the mobile kitchen on hand to satisfy their hunger on the road. Back then, on the shelves these archaic versions of today’s food trucks, you could be sure to find foodstuffs that were more likely to keep such as salted or smoked meats and dried beans. Luckily for you, today’s food trucks are better able to serve any number of culinary delights from gourmet fusion food to stone-baked pizza cooked right before your eyes.

Private catering in a modern, mobile world

Today the scope of the food truck industry is enormous. It is estimated that 2.5 billion people each and every day are nourished by the mobile kitchen phenomenon. Just why has it caught like wildfire? Many tote the no-frills nature and endless variety of pop-up cuisine and we’re sure the affordable pricing and flexibility of service don’t scupper any food truck’s chances of pleasing a crowd.

Demand meets supply on four wheels

Put simply, food trucks or mobile food kiosks in general are answering to an ever-increasing need many are noticing in the industry. Not only are customers as demanding as ever in regards to the quality of food, but they give increasing importance the quality of the service. This quality of service includes the experiential side of the service, sure, but in a society where our lives are becoming busier and busier, food truck entrepreneurs have noticed faster than most the need to conform to the busy lifestyles of their clientele and to be readily available with the means to cook food fresh on site before the customers using fresh, quality ingredients.

Taking a leaf out of the food truck’s book

At La Belle Assiette, we too have understood the need to be mobile and available and our business offer revolves around catering to the busy lifestyles of our clientele, all the while providing them with a more intimate culinary setting. Our chefs come to you with all the ingredients required to prepare, cook and serve a menu to your liking on-site. Oh, and our chefs clean up after themselves too. To see what cuisine La Belle Assiette chefs have on offer, visit our website here.

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