October 28, 2014

Our new investment round & what’s next

Stephen Leguillon, CEO and co-founder of La Belle Assiette addresses a few words about our recent investment round.

la belle assiette team

La Belle Assiette’s team at a celebration event last Thursday

Dear all,

I am very proud to share some great news today. A selected group of very talented and entrepreneurial investors have invested 1.3M€ in La Belle Assiette, confirming their trust in the company, our vision and hard work! La Belle Assiette has come a long way since Giorgio Riccò and I created the company. In March 2013, our first clients booked events from a dozen of Chefs in Paris. Since then, we have helped thousands of clients host great events effortlessly, in 5 countries, with over 370 talented Chefs.

La Belle Assiette’s mission is to help you rediscover the pleasure of entertaining at home. We have a passion for those special moments you spend with your family, friends and colleagues. It is our job to make the experience seamless, simple and enjoyable. Perfecting this service is a real challenge and drives our whole team. This new investment will enable us to continue innovating and improve your experience, from the pixels on our website to seasoning of your dish.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our Chefs who have trusted La Belle Assiette and already joined our team. It is thanks to you that we are building such a great service. We initially started the company to help you, independent Chefs, become great entrepreneurs. The idea was simple: if La Belle Assiette looks after all the “business side”, you can focus on making clients happy through great food and service. We are confident that we are making this happen, as our Chef community is growing constantly, both in size and in the level of commitment that you are showing to our service. Our aim is to continue bringing you world-class tools and services to make your work easier, so you can continue cooking great food. This new investment and our relentless efforts will go in that direction.

It is a great time to be part of La Belle Assiette (by the way, we’re hiring!). We could not be more excited about the road ahead. And we’re just getting started.

CEO – La Belle Assiette

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