November 21, 2019

Crazy Kitchen Inventions

With Christmas coming, present buying is high on the to-do list. When you don’t know what to buy a distant relative or simply want to have some fun in the kitchen check out these totally crazy tools. They are by no means necessary but, may make cooking or eating even more enjoyable!


Perfect for zucchini our squash spaghetti, can be bought in small hand held sharpener style or a big contraption which you rotate. Either way, the result is perfect spaghetti. Try carrots too and add another dimension of texture to a salad.

Electric Spaghetti Fork

On the topic of spaghetti, this invention is fun for the children. When twirling the spaghetti around your fork is far too much effort, press a button!


For the perfectionists who want each component of their dish to be the same size and shape. This could be done with an ordinary knife. But, if you are feeling lazy and still want your food to look good, treat yourself to a dicing utensil for impressive Israeli or creative Cobb salads.

Butter Spreader

Battery powered, this butter spreader solves the issue of attempting to spread butter straight from the fridge. It softens the butter and the wind up utensil is like a glue stick. It can even be refilled with your favourite butter brand.

Onion Goggles

We have all cried whilst chopping an onion. Stop your tears flavouring your food and your mascara running with these protective goggles!

Special Scissors

These are not just any scissors but specific to cutting a certain thing. Herb scissor, to finely chop and garnish a dish. Or even more surprising, pizza scissors with a little ledge to serve the perfectly cut pizza slice.

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