November 16, 2015

Cooking for a dinner party in your small kitchen? Our private chefs can do it.

Just because your kitchen is small doesn’t mean that you can’t entertain with style or have a private chef come to your home and delight your guests.

la belle assiette Small kitchen, great food: yes you can Just because you can stretch your arms and touch both walls of your kitchen and you don’t own a four-armed blender or an electromagnetic paring knife doesn’t mean you should refrain from inviting your family and friends for a meal. You just need to choose recipes that you can make with your utensils and to be well organised. Armed with only a knife, a frying pan or pot, and with an oven or a hob, or even neither of these, you can prepare many tasty, even sophisticated, dishes. A scallop tartare with citrus or a mushroom salad with herbs, don’t require heating. Salmon cooked “a l’unilateral” is original, delicious, and easier to prepare than the classic version. And if you don’t have a pie dish, make a savoury or sweet “tarte fine” that is both light and elegant. Once you have decided on your menu, it’s time to get organised. – List the steps involved in preparing your different dishes. – Do as much as you can ahead of time, even the day before, so that all that you have left to do is to “assemble” or reheat at the last minute. – Do one thing at a time to avoid overcrowding your small space. – Do the washing up as you go along to keep your kitchen neat and tidy. Following these rules will not only allow you to serve your guests a delicious meal, but also to make the most of their company and to limit the time you spend clearing and cleaning up after they leave. la belle assiette A private chef in your small kitchen: yes he can If you have neither the time nor the inspiration to prepare the meal yourself, but you still want to entertain at home, call upon one of our private chefs. They will free you of all the hassle of preparing the meal so that you can enjoy their delicious cooking as well as the no less delicious company of your guests. A professional chef, is like having Mac Gyver in your home: no matter how small your kitchen and how little cooking equipment you own, he will figure out how to make your dream meal come true. Give him a precise description and inventory of your kitchen. If necessary he will prepare some of the food ahead of time and bring additional utensils if needed. He can even come with tableware to present his different dishes in the best way. And contrary to what you might think, a professional chef is used to working in small spaces. Many restaurant kitchens, even Michelin-starred ones, are small for the number of people who work there. So go ahead and send out your invitations, even in your small kitchen, our chef will work wonders!

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