12 Sep '18

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A new chapter for La Belle Assiette!

In 2012, La Belle Assiette was founded to organise and support the private chef market, allowing everyone to love entertaining in the best possible way. Meeting success in Europe along the path, co-founders Stephen and Giorgio, … Read More

08 Dec '16

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We’re celebrating 2 years in the UK!

Amazingly, it’s been 2 years since La Belle Assiette was launched in the UK. We’ve had another busy year, changed and grown a lot. We thought we’d share some highlights of 2016 at La Belle Assiette :)

New Faces

We have … Read More

19 Oct '16

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La Belle Assiette partners with Elior Group

La Belle Assiette announces today that Elior Group, a multinational commercial catering and foodservice company, has acquired a minority stake in the company. This partnership will enable us to accelerate growth in the corporate catering market. This new agreement marks a … Read More

11 Oct '16

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London’s Longest Dinner Party In Numbers (and photos)

On Saturday (8th October), La Belle Assiette hosted the Longest Dinner Party of the year! The event went off without a hitch and all 100 courses were served in under 1,000 minutes!

Chefs Zoe McReynolds, … Read More

15 Sep '16

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The 6 values ​​of La Belle Assiette

Recently our CEO wrote about our adventure so far and the long road to building the company we have today.

The hard working ethic at La Belle Assiette is down to the team … Read More

01 Apr '16

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We’re going for a world record

La Belle Assiette’s private chefs have been serving diners for 3 years now, creating unforgettable experiences that will be cherished forever. We are constantly pushing our chefs to create exciting menus that push the limits of home kitchens. Today we … Read More

04 Feb '16

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La Belle Assiette has raised a new €1.3M investment!

Yum! 2016 has got off to an unbelievable start for La Belle Assiette. After a very busy year in 2015, we’re happy to announce this new €1.3m investment, recognising months of effort! And this is just the start…

It’s … Read More

14 Jan '16

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Learn how to cook like a chef in your kitchen!

6 of La Belle Assiette’s finest chefs were set a challenge from Giselle from In My Kitchen.

The challenge:

  • Cook a 2 course meal for 6 people
  • Only using the ingredients in Giselle’s kitchen + one magic … Read More

09 Dec '15

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La Belle Assiette celebrates its 1st year in the UK

Over the last 365 days we have been working on bringing the La Belle Assiette experience to the UK. It’s been a fantastic year and a lot has happened.  

Here are some of our highlights in numbers!

3 members in the … Read More

08 Dec '15

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La Belle Assiette wins Favor’i silver award for e-commerce

The award season is in full swing and La Belle Assiette is feeling very proud. A week after winning the Franco-British business award for SME Entrepreneur of the year on this side of the channel our team in France … Read More