29 Jan '15

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Here’s why La Belle Assiette is your best bet for a successful Valentine’s Day

Each year, Valentine’s Day comes with its small share of challenges to overcome. It’s sometimes hard to innovate and offer your partner a new experience to make this evening unforgettable. But, what if this year, you could … Read More

16 Jan '15

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“Hometainment” : Going out at home

Since 1983, twice a year, the Pernod-Ricard group publishes the magazine Entreprendre for its shareholders. The magazine focuses on specific topics and trends which concern the group and the sector of wines and spirits by giving voice to experts and opinion leaders. … Read More

07 Jan '15

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How to invite guests to your next La Belle Assiette event, using our website

As a host, once your dinner booking is confirmed, you are able to invite your guests directly via La Belle Assiette website.

Your guest will receive an email invitation asking them to create … Read More

22 Dec '14

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Secrets of the Sommelier: 7 tips for tasting and judging wine

This article is written by Manuel Peyrondet, President of Club Chais d’Oeuvre. Chais d’Oeuvre is a club of wine buying enthusiasts that allows you to receive a monthly box of 3 bottles of wine to savour with explanatory videos, … Read More

05 Dec '14

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A fabulous holiday season meal without spending a single minute in the kitchen…

The festive season starts in a few weeks and many La Belle Assiette Chefs are already booked, while others are creating menus for the numerous applications that they’ve already received. Imagine our chefs, a culinary Father Christmas, in their … Read More

28 Aug '14


Validation Dinners

When our customers hire a private chef at La Belle Assiette, we understand that they’re trusting us to have selected the very best chefs. To guarantee them a stress-free, enjoyable and memorable evening with friends.

At La Belle Assiette, we organise Validation … Read More

05 Aug '14


Yuzu, a strange little citrus adored by Chefs

What is this citrus, prized by Chefs and a regular ingredient in the menus of La Belle Assiette? The yuzu has invaded the Western cuisine for over a decade now, imported and introduced by renowned Chefs like Gregory Brainin. … Read More

20 Jun '14

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The asparagus, from the vegetable garden to your plate

June is well under-way, the sun sets, the holidays arrives, but for all gourmets, a difficult period is about to begin. It is indeed sad that we see the end of the asparagus season approaching, season that generally lasts … Read More