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Trick or Treat?

Autumn is arriving, the clocks are soon to go back and the nights are drawing in but it is not all darkness and gloom because Halloween is on its way! This folkloric festival invites us to frighten … Read More

21 Aug '18

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4 Reasons Why the Dining Table Will Always Be Important

The dining table has long been one of the most important features of the home, but as our dining habits have changed over the years have we fallen out of love with it? A recent study conducted by Furniture … Read More

31 Mar '17

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2 recipes to get more gin in your life

Gin and Tonic Sorbet Ingredients

400g caster sugar

400ml water

400ml tonic water

70ml gin

The zest and juice of 1 lime

The zest of 1 lemon

Juice of half a lemon

1 egg white


  1. Put the sugar … Read More

03 Mar '17

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Gift ideas for Mother’s Day: spoil her!

Mother’s day only comes around once a year, so you need to make it count. These women are superheroes but even they need some time off. Mother’s day is the perfect occasion to celebrate the mums in our lives. … Read More

03 Dec '16

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Everything you need to know about oysters

Oysters date back to 4th Century, revered by Greeks and Romans alike during ancient times. Did you know they have a three chambered heart, colourless blood and a pair of kidneys? The Chinese were the first to raise them on … Read More

17 Nov '16

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2 Easy Lunchtime Recipes

Eating well when you are at work is not always easy, especially when you want to avoid food that’s too salty, or grabbing a supermarket sandwich. Here are two gourmet salads recipes that you can prepare at home, in … Read More

05 Oct '16

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Winter canapé ideas

Summer is barely behind us and, as is customary for us Brits, as soon as our brief stint of fine weather has come and gone, we turn our attention forward to the wintry season and all the festivities it … Read More

01 Oct '16

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2 Tasty Seasonal Recipes for Lunch

Autumn is here and appearing on our plates. Summer has finished, along with its gorgeous fruits and sunny vegetables. Don’t fret, though, autumn brings its own riches. Here are two seasonal recipes that are simple to cook. If you’re … Read More

29 Sep '16

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2 recipes for busy foodies

Cooking healthy individual dishes day-in, day-out, can be hard when you’re working long hours. Now it’s Autumn it can be even harder, instead relying on restaurants and bars to cook your dinner. But their food tends to be on the unhealthy side. … Read More

09 Sep '16

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Recipe: Maple and pecan brownie

This recipe is a real indulgent one, sticky gooey brownie with crunchy maple pecans, whipped espresso cream and tangy boozy strawberries.. got your mouth watering? Well you should start whipping this up right away then!

Serves 5